June 1, 2020

Guess Who's Back...Back Again!

If you had asked me two years ago if I would ever come back to write Top Knots & Sweatpants again, I would have laughed. I love writing, but blogging is so saturated and usually just a highlight reel of reality. It's the glossy cover of a magazine. Affluent, aspirational and flawless. The beautiful image of what you wish your life was like. But like every magazine, life has flaws. You lift the cover to find advertisements to help pay the bills. Guest articles, because you can't do it alone. Maybe a typo since humans are simply not perfect.

But more recently, I've found myself chatting a lot more on socials. About things I like, about products I've tried, about my gripes on life and ways I try to see the positive in every situation. It's essentially become my more digital, instant blog. Even earlier today, I sent a link to my two besties for some eco-friendly cleaning products that I stumbled upon and have come to LOVE! And one of them said "ugh you should start up TKS again!" And at first I laughed, and then thought...well why not? I have the time right now to get it off the ground, prep more content and reignite that flame? Why wouldn't I?

So here we are! I'll give you some brief life updates. I'm sure I'll go into more detail on these in subsequent posts. 

I have two sons now, Cooper (age 4) and Callum "Cal" (age 2).

Cooper was diagnosed with Autism in 2018.

Tim and I were divorced in 2019. Unfortunately, things didn't work out for numerous reasons.Very recently, Tim passed away from some health issues. This has been an extremely difficult period for me. I'm grateful the kids don't understand right now.

I'm currently on furlough from work due to Covid-19. Provided I don't get extended, I'm set to return full time to work sometime in mid-July 2020.

Also, we got a dog! Unfortunately, we had to rehome our cats since Cal is allergic. I miss them dearly. Not having a pet in the home felt so lonely. So I decided to get a puppy once I started working from home at the beginning of all this Covid-19 stuff, and I am training her to be a service dog to Cooper!

I started a health journey over a year ago. I lost 35 lbs., have become more active, eat better, and have become an Herbalife independent distributor as a side hustle and LOVE IT! It's such a great company and community that has truly changed my life. 

Content may change slightly from before. I'm definitely going to still be real with everyone. But the content I want to share in this stage of my life is going to be much more health conscious, product reviews, workouts, great reads, and reflections on my life as a single mom of two little kids and how I manage it. I'm in a stage of my life where I feel I have a much healthier relationship not only with my body but my mind as well. I'm much more positive and hopeful than the past and I want to make sure I can share that with everyone!

Look forward to restarting our journey together! 

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