February 22, 2018

Party of Four - Day 15

Welcome back, readers! In order to maintain my sanity over the next few months, I've decided to trial run reopening my blog. We'll see how this goes.

My sweet little boy...not only is my sweet little boy not so little anymore, but now we have ANOTHER sweet little boy that we've added to our clan.

Callum - or "Cal" - has become the next reason I live and breathe. He is a momma's boy, a cuddler, and has super sweet and gentle dark blue eyes. Just like his brother Cooper did when he was born.

With a new baby comes new challenges, though. I've now discovered I can function on less than two hours of sleep per night (not consecutively either)! I've learned how to breastfeed my newborn while simultaneously rocking a toddler to sleep, all while trying to make sure Cooper doesn't try to smack his new brother.

There's the other thing...trying to get my boys to all bond with each other has proved to be much less warm and fuzzy than I hoped it would be. Cooper has now developed temper tantrums, hitting and full blow meltdown modes. Having a speech delay doesn't help much either since he can't tell me (or choses not to tell me) what it is he wants. I'm not going to lie...I've given him the iPad on more than one occasion over the last two weeks just to get him to stay quiet for more than 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, my house is a complete disaster. I've never seen so many toys thrown across the room, my kitchen has dirty dishes all over the counters. I swear if I can squeeze a shower in for myself in a single day it's a freakin' miracle.

I can't help but feel like a terrible mother when  our life gets like this. And in reality I know I'm not, it's totally normal for him to have trouble adjusting. But society puts so much pressure on moms to figure out how to make everything work seamlessly and be the glue that holds her family together. But who can seriously live up to that?! No one. That's who.

Tonight, I plan to make Tim pick me up a big ole' box of wine, a pint of Ben & Jerry's and I'm sitting back and watching the Bachelor Winter Games in peace, dammit. God knows I need a break...<3 p="">

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