June 7, 2017

The Bachelorette (Rachel) Recap + Predictions

I’m back with my beloved Bachelor/Bachelorette/BIP recaps and predictions. I’ll usually try to do this once or twice a season, but when I’m not recapping Bach here, I try to keep up with it on my Twitter (which you all should be following HERE).

Rachel, the historic Bachelorette (a.k.a. the first African-American bach)! I can’t tell you how excited I’ve been to watch Rachel. She is seriously any man’s dream…smart, beautiful, sassy, and she doesn’t play games. Love it! My kind of girl! But I’ll be honest, I’m a little ashamed on the producers this season. They really think their audience is so shallow and vapid that we just want all of the stereotypical entertainment candidates all on one season. It’s having the reverse effect on me.

ICYMI, here is what’s gone on so far and what I'm thinking of it:

- Rachel’s group of guys seem to be the most ludicrous group of contestants I’ve ever seen on this series. There are so many of them that are just so out there and clearly playing the Bachelor franchise game on who they think the cameras want to see. I had high hopes for this season, but I’m getting disappointed based on this group. Rachel deserves better than that. And shame on ABC for giving her some half assed casting group because you had to rush her season to start right after Dancing With The Stars. Basically, they are setting up all of the rejects from Rachel’s season to join Bachelor in Paradise this summer because they are running out of relevant former contestant to throw on there. Not fair! Now we have to see these dim witted idiots again in a couple months. Ugh!

- Rachel already had some dramz and sent a couple guys home. The first and most impressively able to pretend they don’t know someone is Demario. This guy had player written all over his face the second he walked into the mansion proclaiming he was her future husband hands down.

- Whaboom...really? This is really the best you get for entertainment? I mean, Chad Johnson was a douche in JoJo’s season, but at least he behaved like a normal human being for the most part. This guy is just…there are no words. And the fact that you’re making Rachel keep him around for more than the first night is just insanity. Please DO NOT bring him to paradise. I’m seriously begging.

- I'm sorry, but Fred (aka the little boy Rachel used to watch at summer camp when they were kids) is FRIGGEN ADORABLE! I can't believe she sent him home, but I totally get it. I don't know if I could get past the memory of him being a little a-hole as a kid either. 

-Rachel's adorable dog, Copper needs more screen time. That little fluff ball is pure television gold. So sweet!

-A group of guys had a group date on the Ellen show and it was everything. Alex dancing in the audience made my life.

I don't have any clear favorites so far, except for Kenny - the professional wrestler, daughter to a beautiful 10 year-old girl which he adores. He's the sweetest but he is still a man's man. My finalist picks are: Bryan (the Colombian), Dean (the Chris Soules replica), Eric (I can't remember what he does), and Peter (has a matching gap-tooth and it's the sweetest). 

Gimme some feedback! What are your thoughts on this season? Who do you love/hate? Who would you like to see in 

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