June 5, 2017

DIY Home Office Nook

Ya'll....I did a thing. I started my home office project. It's something I've been meaning to do for two years now, and after seeing some serious home office inspiration from some other bloggers last week, I became super motivated to just go for it. It is still a work in progress, but it has made me feel so much more productive with everything having a place. 

I've been really needing a space solely to work. On occasion my job allows me to work from home so I can care for my son when I don't have a babysitter or my husband home. Unfortunately, until now, the space consisted of being thrown up against the wall of my son's play room with my back turned to him, which wasn't ideal. I decided to switch up the layout of the room to allow me to be facing forward into the room, with my son and his play area directly in front of me. This way I can concentrate on work while still being alert of what's going on. 

Most of the things I used for this "remodel" were things I already had laying around. But I did pick up a few extras:

Desk - My version is a cheapie from Target (similar here) I originally bought to stick in a corner of my bedroom for homework. It's a bit shaky, so this will be something I'll probably upgrade later but it serves its purpose.

Rolling cart - I bought this from Target also, but IKEA has a similar version. This is so useful. Before, I was using it as my printer stand by screwing in the top shelf of the cart upside down. It worked, but was still a little small. Now, I'm using it as an extension of my desk to keep the clutter contained in one spot. 

File Holder - I purchased the Sugar Paper LA file folder holder thingy from Target last year and I've loved it! Its a great place for me to store magazines I'm in the middle of reading, mail I need to go through or just important things I'm working on. 

Desk Lamp - Lots of lighting is a must. Sometimes I can be up late doing something for work, homework or even writing blog posts. So as not to bother my sleeping beauties, I used a small desk lamp, which I actually got for free from an energy efficient light bulb bulk order. The stark white color goes perfect with my decor. 

Marble Contact Paper - This was the most dramatic change of my office space. I hated how boring my desk was. I found THIS marble print contact paper on Amazon to cover the top of the desk. It took about 20 minutes, a pair of scissors and an extra set of hands to achieve a whole new look to my boring desk. Plus, it brightens up the space so much. This has become my new favorite thing. I ended up ordering a heavy duty version and I'm going to try a counter top cover up DIY (stay tuned for that!). 

Marble Dry Erase Board - Jotting quick reminder down or just displaying my favorite photos is a great addition to my formerly drab space. I found mine (very similar here) at Target for $10!

Chair - This chair is just an old padded folding chair that I threw a bohemian roundie from my Spring FabFitFun box on the back. It gives it a pop of color and hides the folding chair. This will work for now until I've found the chair I really want. 

Storage space - I've had a set of plastic drawers with this hard wood top for years and I've found endless uses for it. I decided to pull it out and use it to store all my random crap. I have an entire drawer of cords and headphones, a craft drawer, a planner drawer, and all sorts of goodies. The hard top served as the perfect place to put my printer and keeps it out of the way of my work space. 

I still need to add some wall decor and am debating on what sort of things I'd like to add just yet. My favorite part of it is all the mind metals. There are golds, silvers and rose golds and they all seem to shine together. 

Have any ideas of wall decor I could add? Would love some suggestions!

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