May 15, 2017

Summer Fun

Summer Fun

Summer is coming!
Finally!! This is the first full week of warm sunny weather we will be having here in RI (with the exception of today) and I am so excited to start breaking out my summer goodies. I need color! I need tassels and straw and sandals. I need to sit on my porch with some iced tea and just chill out. I need to go hang out with my bestie by the lake with our kiddos and stick my feet in the sand.

I’m totally not looking forward to a bathing suit – mom bod just hasn’t bounced back as much as I’d hoped, but I am totally looking forward to all the summer accessories. I’ve always been into super vibrant and bright colored things. Anything that is loud or pops is for me. So much so that when I received my first Burberry scarf as a gift, it wasn’t even the traditional Burberry plaid, but a rainbow multicolored plaid scarf and it was so perfect for my personality. So yea, I’m pretty pumped for summer. 

I am really into straw totes with fun details, or bright colored jumpsuits. I’ve found a new love for jumpsuits, as long as I can find them in petite sizes. Short girl probz. 


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