May 9, 2017

Review: The Litter Genie

Okay. Like the crazy cat lady I am, I was super excited when I received the Litter Genie in the mail. As a mom of a silly 15 month-old baby, we use our Diaper Genie religiously. I personally feel it’s one of the must have baby-items. I’ve always seen the Little Genie in stores and wondered if it was worth the money.  We have two indoor cats at home, so we are constantly cleaning the litter box.

So, the Litter Genie is priced very similar to its diaper sister, so don’t think this item is going to break the bank for you. It retails for $15-20, and refill are about $15 for a 2 pack. Each refill should last you about 2 months. And it works almost exactly the same as the Diaper Genie, the only difference being a lever you will need to pull to store dirty litter in the bin.

My first impressions of the LG are that it is a good size where you don’t need to be emptying it every day, but compact enough that you can place it next to your litter box without worrying about the space it takes up. I placed mine directly next to our litter box to keep the smell contained. I also use this charcoal air freshener in the area to keep the mud room smelling freshy-fresh.

My normal process for cleaning the litter box was the double bag reused plastic shopping bags, scoop out everything I could (I highly recommend clumping litter), and then throw the bag directly into the garbage outside. With the LG, you don’t need to do all that. The bags made for the LG are designed to hold the smell in, and to contain the used litter for 14 days.

After using LG for a full week, here is what I’ve determined.

I don’t clean my litter box often enough. My kitties are saints for putting up with me, and never complain about it but honestly…I need to get it together.

The LG is best used on a daily basis, not for major litter box cleanings. The first time I used to was when I was really behind on cleaning the littler box and it was just a lot to put into the LG. I ended up skipping the LG and sticking with my old process for that first round, so not to fill it up right away. I recommend cleaning on a daily basis using the LG.

When I started doing it on a daily basis, it only took me a minute or two to clean instead of the 15-20 minute process I was going through before. Also, my kitties seemed much happier.

Another benefit is I noticed my kitties were not tracking litter around the house as much as they were before because they were consistently stepping into a fresh litter box.

One improvement I would suggest is a more secure closure on the container. Where you pull the two pieces apart to take the bag out would stay closed for me securely so if I picked the LG up from the top, the whole thing opened.

Since the LG is so inexpensive, I highly recommend it for any cat family, specifically if you have multiple cats. That stuff accumulates twice is quick with two cats, and having the LG handy next to little box has honestly made our mud room cleaner, fresher smelling, and our kitties much happier and cuddly.


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