May 26, 2017

Friday Ramblings #3

*Another Half Day*
With the holiday weekend, we normally get out around 12pm which is amazing. My sister is up visiting this weekend from Nashville because my mother is getting married tomorrow! It's so nice to have my family all together for a weekend. It's such a rare occasion for us. We are all meeting for pedicures after work.

*Spray Tans*
I'm obsessed with spray tans. I really am. And if you don't believe me, read THIS. I just wish I could afford to look beautifully tan all the time without worrying about skin cancer like I am with a spray tan. I guess that's the price you pay for safe beauty. 

*Little Rhody*
I'm feeling extremely Rhode Island today. It's pouring out this morning and all I could think to do was put on my coziest and warmest clothes in my Spring closet. So I've settled on this L.L. Bean Fisherman Tunic, a pair of leggings, a monogrammed baseball hat and my Jack Rogers sandals. Throw a Columbia rain coat over it and I swear to God it was like I went back in time to college in Newport. Then it made me miss Newport and want to take a trip there soon. It really is one of my favorite places in Rhode Island, aside from all the tourists. But Newport this time of year is so fun. I'm like Moana, the ocean just calls me.

*Traffic in the Rain*
Like, I don't get it. It rains all the time. Why is it that people forget what it's like to drive in the rain? Any time that it rains here, the traffic is INSANE! And there isn't even an accident to blame it on. People are just break jobbing each other and driving 20 mph on the highway. Maybe the rain just makes people fall asleep while driving. I won't lie, it makes me sleepy sometimes. I'm already planning an afternoon nap for today.

*Blogger Friends*
Gosh, starting a blog was one of the best decisions I ever made. There are so many cool and interesting people in the blog community that I never would have "met" if I hadn't started this. Honestly, it's amazing. And people are SO supportive of one another. I had someone I'd never spoken to before DM me on Instagram last night just to tell me they can't wait to start reading more. That made me feel so good! 

What's everyone up to for the long weekend? Like I mentioned, my mom is getting married so that's pretty much what I'll be up to all weekend.

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