May 19, 2017

Friday Ramblings #2

*Half Day*

I decided to take a half day today for reasons I’d rather not share just yet. But honestly, I just needed some time to decompress and put myself in the right head space. This week has been more stressful than things have been in a while and I’m so ready to just hit refresh and start over.

*Day Drinking*

Why don’t I day drink more often?! It is so much fun! Oh yea...I have a kid. That’s why. I serious miss the days when I worked nights for some crappy job I didn’t care about and I could go out for lunch with my friends and have a couple beers at lunch before going to work. I seriously just didn’t care. Plus those jobs a monkey could do with his eyes shut.

*New England Weather*

It’s friggen crazy! On Monday, I wore a sweater to work because it was in the 50’s and raining. Yesterday, it was 95 degrees and sunny. We put two A/Cs in at our house and had all the fans running and were still hot. My poor body is like stressed out because it doesn’t know how to handle this weather anymore. I. Can’t. Even.

*Lazy Blogger*

I really am such a lazy blogger. It might be why my blog is named after a sloppy hair style and a pair of clothing you eat chocolate in a lone on your couch on a Friday night with your cats. Like today would be the PERFECT day to plan new material, go take some photos, etc. And yet, here I am…sitting at a bar named after a thirsty rodent and rambling on about nothing.

*Front Porches*

Okay this is a special one…I LOVE houses with front porches. My ultimate goal in life has always been to own a house that I can sit and relax on with a drink or a cup of coffee and just watch my neighborhood do it’s thang. And I have that…sort of. Except mine is full of junk I need to get rid of but don't have time to. So I guess technically, I don't even have time to sit ON the porch with a drink. Sigh. Mo' money, mo' problems.

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