April 17, 2017

I am Gilmore Girls

If you don’t live under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the most beloved TV show of the 2000’s, Gilmore Girls, and its long anticipated revival series Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life that premiered on Netflix late last year. I can’t tell you how excited I was they were doing a “where are they now” special, but I will admit that it took me awhile to watch it. I felt it only appropriate that I rewatch all 7 seasons prior to watching the revival. So, for the last couple months, my sister and I have binge watched Gilmore Girls every weekend until we finally could watch the revival this past week. I’ll warn you now that the below will contain spoilers.

GG holds a special place in my heart because I heavily relate to the characters. While fictional Stars Hollow is exceptionally quirky with its fairy tale like characters, the emotions and normal life scenarios that Lorelai and Rory face throughout the seven seasons are so realistic. They are real people. Here’s why I find them totally relatable.
1. Lorelai’s witty banter with Rory and Luke.
Lorelai is known for her sarcasm and childish bickering, but there is only a two people she can perform it so eloquently with and that is with her daughter, Rory and Luke. Throughout the entire series you can see how strong Lorelai’s relationships are based on how effortlessly the conversations flow. And with Luke, no matter how frustrating Lorelai is to him, he is always lost without her conversation. We all have those people in our life. I look at Luke & Lorelai’s relationship so much like the relationship I have with my husband. He can drive me totally insane, but without him around I feel lost. Sometimes we need those people around because they just get us and we get them. We love them with all their flaws. The tit-for-tat between Rory and Lorelai is simple…Rory is clearly influenced by her mother and admires her. And the conversations they have remind me so much of me and my sister. We are best friends one second, and then I bust into mom-mode the next. 
2. Rory’s life at Yale.
While I’m the first to admit, I did not attend an Ivy league school, I am instantly brought back to the life Rory has at Yale. Her schooling and her life in Stars Hollow have mostly always been separate. Logan, her college boyfriend, rarely ever came to Stars Hollow, and didn’t even step foot there until well into their relationship. College was a lot like that for me. It was like you have your life, friends and family at home, and then you have a life, friends and family at school.
3. The life Rory almost had.
Rory’s relationship with Logan was clearly not her typical relationship, thus proving Rory didn’t have a type. To me, Logan reflected the happy medium of Dean and Jess – the good guy with a wild side. But he also represented the life Rory always thought she didn’t want. A life of privilege and fancy dinners, country clubs and conservative lifestyles. Logan was someone things came easy for and Rory was someone who had to work hard for her accomplishments. When she turned down Logan’s proposal, she also was turning down Logan’s life. While my situation in college was not as elaborate as Rory & Logan’s relationship, it was similar. I was in a long relationship to someone who didn’t share the same background as I did. He was a wonderful person and I’m sure has grown up to be successful, but it wasn’t the life I wanted. He was traditional and every parent’s dream for their daughter to be with. And as you can tell, I’m totally not traditional and I beat to my own drum. I didn’t want to be that person. And neither did Rory…or so she thought.

4. Lorelai’s fear of commitment.

I had this bad for a while. But the lesson learned from the endless failed relationships Lorelai had was no relationship will ever be successful until it is the right relationship. Lorelai knew deep down something was never right with those guys. Max, Christopher, Jason, etc. But with Luke, there was never a doubt in her mind. Luke loved everything about her, regardless of her flaws. And vice versa. He watched her date whoever she needed to until she had the clarity she needed to be with him. While my husband and I were not exactly like that, we were friends for a long time before dating. And he knew the people I dated along the way, and sat quietly when I talked about them. That’s a lot of what makes our relationship so easy. By the time we got together, we knew it was right.

After the enormous cliff hanger we were left with in the revival series, Netflix better be picking up another season of Gilmore Girls. Nothing has been confirmed and cast members are extremely tight lipped about it. I would kill the see more Gilmore Girls. This is the type of show that just makes you feel so good inside. It’s more of what we need on television. I don’t need another show of some weird super natural group of people who fight crime (I’m looking at you, CW). I need the wholesome, feel good fun of the Gilmore Girls back in my living room.  Plus, I'm really rooting for a Jess & Rory reunion. A girl can dream...

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