March 8, 2017

7 Things That Will Make You Cry as a Parent

Since becoming a parent, I've developed the blubbering bone in my body. Commercials that never used to phase me now make me tear up. Movies that I used to laugh through now cause me to look at it through another lens. So today, I wanted to recap some of my favorite movies, tv shows, and commercials that remind me what being a parent is all about and always make me tear up like a total wuss. SPOILER ALERT!

1. The Giver
This one is totally weird. It really doesn't have much to do about parenting at all. If anything, the parents in this movie are extremely cold and essentially robots. What made me blubber like a baby were any scenes with Jonah and Gabriel. The way Jonah would do anything for that sweet boy honestly made me want to grab my son and force him to cuddle with me. Uh...I can feel the tears coming on now.

2. Huggies commericals
So weird, but so true. Those sweet Huggies commercials that are on now that have some sweet little lullaby and cute little newborns in the hospital nurseries. I cry almost every time.

3. Bad Moms
I've said it once, and I'll say it again. This is one of my favorites. It really is just hilarious, and brings you through all of the emotions of being a parent. Moms can be frustrated one second, pissed off the next, and then totally in love with their little ones in the next breath. Parenting is complex.

4. Life As We Know It
As much as I loathe Katherine Heigl, I love this movie. It covers those major milestones of having a baby and they are just as clueless as new parents could be.

5. Tangled
I endure watching this movie almost every day. We usually alternate between this and Frozen. The scene at the very end of Tangled where Rapunzel is first reunited with her parents is just...ugh. So sad and happy! I always cry. Haha! 

6. Luvs commercial
The Luvs commercials that show the comparison of first child to second child make me laugh. I've found so many of these to be true just from birth to now of my son. Things I was so concerned about at the beginning of his life, I just have lost total patience for. And because I've discovered Luvs is now our favorite diaper. And if I had to do it all over again, Luvs would be the only diaper we'd use. Especially since I was paying almost double for another brand before that I found out later actually makes Luvs also!

7. Any montage about growing up.
Nothing reminds you more about how fast your baby is growing that those cheesy montages in movies, tv shows and even commercials of a child who grows up to play sports, get his first car, graduate, get married, yadda yadda. And they really are cheesy but I cry EVERY TIME! 

I don't know, maybe I'm just a huge softy, but does anyone else cry at these things?!

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