January 4, 2017

My Favorite Posts of 2016

Hi all! This has been the week of look backs and new year housekeeping. Today I want to look back on my five favorite posts from this past year, and why I loved them.

1. The Beginners Guide to Starting A Planner - I was so excited the share this because using a planner has become a big part of my life and routine. It has helped me put all of my thoughts down on paper and significantly reduced my stress levels. I was very happy with how informative I was able to be about looking at planning through a newbie lense. Since then I've done another type of planner review here. I am hoping in 2017 to do a review on bullet journaling as well.

2. Overcoming the Narcissist - This was a really tough one to write and I was inspired to write it after a night out with my friends reminiscing about our pasts. I felt like it was super important for me to explain that people in emotionally abusive relationships shouldn't be treated like they are morons, but instead just need a friend to talk to without judgement. This was an extremely personal post to write and I still feel uncomfortable thinking about it, but I was so pleased with how well received it was.

3. Before & After: My New Obsession with Spray Tans - This was just a light hearted, fun post about how I came to LOVE spray tans for special occasions. I was able to showcase a local salon that I fell in love with and she even shared my post with her customers! I really wish I could afford to be spray tanned every week because the glow you get from it is seriously addicting.

4. 14 Reasons Why You Need Coffee - I actually wrote this one when I was sleep deprived. I really felt like it was a random stream of unconsciousness and humor and I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.

5. Girls' Night Facials & Bubbly - This is one of my favorite posts because it was my first sponsored post. What I loved the most about it was it was an excuse to have a girls night and just catch up with my friends, which I rarely get to do. I was actually super excited about the product and I'm glad I tried it because it's become a part of my daily cleansing routine.

What were some of your favorite posts, or things you'd like to read about more in 2017?

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