January 6, 2017

3 Things #8: You Need On Your Resolutions List

1. Something health related
This doesn’t necessarily apply to weight loss or gain, but just living a healthier lifestyle. That could mean just making better snack choices, or making time to get some light exercise in every week. I know I’m terrible about exercising so this year, my goal is to take my son for more walks on a regular basis so I can get a little bit of exercise into my routine.

2. Something to better yourself 
This is the time to reflect and be self-aware. Chose a goal that helps you become a better person. That could mean learning to control your emotions better at work, or having more compassion for those in tough situations. My goal is to relax more and not be so on edge with my family. Sometimes my stress tends to have a ripple effect throughout my house and I need to learn to calm down more and just be present in the moment.

3. Something to benefit others
We live in a very self-centered world that doesn’t leave much time or room for considering other people’s feelings and struggles. Set aside time this year to make the world a better place. Volunteering has become one of my favorite ways to do this, and I definitely don’t do it often enough. A few years ago I had the privilege of working on a Habitat for Humanity project and I fell in love with the organization. My goal this year is to participate in another project at some point.

What are some of your resolutions for 2017? What do you think makes a good resolution?


  1. I love the idea of all three things on your list. I think that doing something to better someone else also makes you a better person!
    Kelsey | petiteinherpearls.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks, Kelsey! Totally agree! Plus it just puts you in a better mood. Win, Win, Win if you ask me. :)