January 3, 2017

2016 Trends to Trash or Treasure

 Trends are a funny thing. They come and go, and then come back again. I definitely feel like 2016 has been the year of trend after trend. From the half-up ponytail & top knots, to the choker craze. Today I’m going through trends that should stay forever, and the ones that need to be locked in the time capsule. 

Keep Rockin' in 2017

Beanies - I've always loved a good, warm beanie. They can sometimes just make an outfit, and in New England, they are a must in the cold weather

Booties - I'm loving the bootie trend this year. I think they instantly dress up an outfit, or take an over dressed outfit to a casual feel.

Thicker natural brows - I love this. Out are the over sculpted brows, and in is the natural beauty of the browser you were meant to have  I attribute this trend to the beautiful Cara Delevingne.

Natural makeup - I think I'm just really happy all natural is in. I've noticed makeup trends becoming much less dark and heavy, and more glossy and natural looking and I love it. There is nothing like a fresh face look.

Duster cardigans - This has easily become one of  my favorites. They are comfy, soft and feel like you're wearing a blanket. And they can make the most of your wardrobe by winterizing summer pieces.

Leave in 2016

90s/Early 00s trend revivals - This is by far one of the worst things to happen to 2016. Pretty much all of the terrible fashion trends from this decade came back. Including, but not limited to...

Chokers - I will admit that some people can definitely pull this trend off. But there are some places that just took it way too far. See Forever21's most recent photos, which even they realized they took too far and quickly removed the photo.

Bomber jackets - I just don't find these jackets to be very flattering on anyone. I'm sure they aren't very warm, and the weird sheen they have to them just irks me.

THESE sneakers - These are some of the fugliest sneakers that exist. I hated this trend in the 00s and I still hate it. It makes everyone look like they have baby feet.

Over plumped lips - Ugh! The things people did in 2016 for big lips was ridiculous. Please leave the ridiculously plumped lips to porn stars and Kylie Jenner.

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