November 9, 2016

Girl's Night: Facials & Bubbly

Hi babes!
For all of you have been following my social media accounts, you know that October was a not my month. I just couldn’t seem to pull it together. So when Evian sent me their Brumisateur Facial Spray, I was super pumped to use it as an excuse to plan a girl’s night.

How to have a successful girl’s night you ask? Start by bringing the basics.

Face Masks
Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray
Something Bubbly
A ton of juicy gossip

Let me start by saying that pampering myself is not one of my strong suits. I’ve never been the person to spend my money or time on skin care products or expensive make up because I just don’t have the time for it. But let me tell you…the Evian facial spray was so quick and easy to use I just couldn’t help taking it with me everywhere and I’m happy to say it is now a staple in my purse. Seriously, start making it a part of your beauty routine. It made my skin feel so fresh and dewey. You can find it sold at most beauty supply stores like Sephora, or on

Me and my two girlfriends ended up kicking up our feet last night opting for a basic sheet face mask, but then used my Evian facial spray to give it an extra boost of moisture, which honestly just felt amazing. The closest thing I can think of to describe it is when you go on one of those raft rides at an amusement park and you get that light mist feeling over your face on a hot day. So refreshing! It is so nice catching up with your girls after a busy month. Once kids enter the picture, it makes it extremely difficult to find some time to spend with your girls.

In true late 20’s fashion, we wrapped up our night around 10 PM (sorry, but momma’s got to get up for work). Bubbly is also my kryptonite so the massive headache I woke up with was quite unwelcomed. It was one of those hangovers that makes you feel all clammy and like your pores are begging for relief! Luckily, when I woke up, I found my Evian spray that I must have left on my night stand. One quick spritz was like heaven on Earth. Then I sprayed my husband and woke him up just for laughs. :) This could be fun…

And with that, I started thinking of some interesting possible uses for Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray :

Add moisture to powdered foundation
Hangover relief
To play pranks on people
If you don’t have time to shower after the gym
To clean your son’s face when it’s covered in baby food.
In fact, clean his hands while you’re at it.
To clean your countertops (I guess if you are rich)
Pinning down fly-aways in your hair, on the fly ;)
A midday spritz while at work just to freshen up

Have you ever tried Evian facial spray before? What were some ways you like to use it?


Thanks Evian for sponsoring this post! I received Evian Facial Spray free in exchange for my honest opinion about the products.


  1. Love this! I need to pamper myself more often... yay for girls night!!!

    Brittany :)

    1. I hear ya! I'm so bad at making time to do it. It was a great excuse for a midweek facial. :)

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