November 21, 2016

First Holiday As A Family

Hello all you wonderful people! Last night we got our first snow of the season, which I couldn’t believe! Just a dusting but it still really made the holidays feel so close and real.

This is the first year we will be hosting the holidays as a new family. Last year, I was REALLY pregnant and just didn’t feel like taking part in much of the holiday season. I was tired and uncomfortable and couldn’t see my feet. This year, I have the cutest little boy to enjoy it with and make his first Christmas memorable. I think it’s definitely put me in the spirit much earlier than normal.

One of the hardest parts of hosting holidays…the cleaning! We are taking the attitude of divide and conquer this year. I have been scrambling to clean up our dining room, and I ended up convincing my husband to get an artificial tree this year. I know…gasp!! We really would love to have a real tree, but with us never being home at the same time, having two cats, and everything else we need to do to host, I don’t feel like cleaning up after a tree, and remembering to water it. For those who don’t know, I don’t exactly have a green thumb. I forget to water plants all the time! I did put the tree up last night only to arrange my dining room around the tree for the holidays, but we won’t be decorating until after Thanksgiving. 

I did, however start decorating the rest of the house in “holiday” d├ęcor. I’m sticking with my plaid and fur pillows, stringing some twinkle lights around and keeping out big cozy blankets. Yesterday, I couldn’t help but have my Yankee Candle warmer on with a Mistletoe scent cup. My whole house smelled like Christmas. It was amazing.

Any tips for surviving my first holiday season as the hostess?


  1. I've never hosted either, so I can't offer much help. But that little bebe is SO CUTE! :D

    Katie |