November 2, 2016

3 Things #3: To Make Your Home More "Home-y"

We have only been in our house about a year and a half, with the intention of making it our forever home. Since then, I've been dedicated to making it feel like our own. When we first moved in, the house was old, neglected, and in desperate need for a family to love it. My mission to make our home feel like the cozy and loving place I always dreamed my house would be begun.

1. Something to make your guests feel welcome.

We don't have space for a guest room. Most days, we barely have enough living room seating to host friends for a game. Instead, I add little touches to make our guests feel welcome. I found this Wifi Password printable on Etsy. Pair it with a fancy frame from Home Goods, and viola! Makes a good conversation piece. 

2. Festive throw pillows.

I have a weird obsession with throw pillows, and I need them for each season/holiday. I found these awesome pumpkin themed pillows at Home Depot, which I didn't even know sold throw pillows. Score!

3. Gallery wall.

What says family more than photos and memories hanging within your home? After endless Pinterest scrolling, I ended up deciding to scatter both photos and wall decor. But my favorite by far has to be the shadow box with my son's hospital firsts. <3 p="">




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