October 14, 2016

7 Reasons You Should Live In A Small Town

Usually on Fridays, I like to post something fashion related for my “Fashion Friday” post. But today, I’ve decided to do something a little differently.

Recently, I read a pretty hurtful Facebook post regarding the people of my town. The post was related to the current presidential race, in which this person took the time to go through their friends list, and pick out who they thought were supporting a certain presidential candidate. They then decided to make the assumption that this is probably because a majority of the people in my town are “99% white...uneducated, aka ignorant – naively lacking proper information”.  (I don't even know if those statistics are correct to be honest). Normally, this sort of thing doesn’t bother me, and quite frankly I don’t support either of our presidential candidates so I typically don’t get offended by political jabs at one another. And, I get it. Small towns aren’t everyone’s thing and people love to bitch and moan on Facebook. But this really bothered me, particularly because the person who posted it was a part of my childhood and grew up two doors down from me.

I am the first to admit I do not follow politics closely. It just bores me to death and I don't feel I am educated on the major issues enough to make a decision on a political candidate. But I know there are some people that are very educated on these issues. And are extremely passionate about the candidate they've supported. I also know many of them don't feel the need to insult those who don't agree with them. I also know a lot of people in my town who don't support the candidate this person is insinuating they do. Not to mention, this person is basing their judgement on a survey of around 20 people. In a town with a population of about 16,000.

I want to make something abundantly clear about myself and where I am from. It is one of the best towns there is. Can it be sort of stereotypical sometimes? You betchya! And it’s exactly why it is amazing. So, I’m compiling a list of 7 reasons why staying in your small town is the best decision you can make.

Small towns are pretty safe. Obviously, it depends on where you live, but for the most part my town is safe, I feel safe in it and I know I can run to the store without locking my doors because my neighbors are watching my house for me. We have each other’s backs.

Everyone is your neighbor, and they are amazing. Last year, we had new neighbors move in across the street from us. My husband only met them once and I never got the chance to meet them. But when we were stuck in the NICU with Cooper this past February, they made sure our driveway was clear of snow before their own driveway was cleared. When I finally met them for the first time last weekend, they also told me they watch our house for us at night when I’m home alone with the baby, knowing my husband is at work. I don’t even know these people and they are thinking of me. That’s a special feeling.

Your family is there. Most people try to leave and get away from their family. I honestly couldn’t bear to leave my family behind. I love having my sister living with us and my in-laws living around the corner. I love that my children are growing up with my friends’ children. That’s what family and community is all about.

You’re a regular everywhere you go. My husband and I had our first date at a local restaurant. And we love stopping in every now and then just to have a drink together. The owner knows us. The bartenders know us. The wait staff know us. They are an extension of our friends and family.

People are trusting. There have been times I couldn’t make it in time to my local mechanic to pay my bill before they closed for the weekend. And guess what they tell me…. “Don’t worry, we’ll get it next time.” That’s it! Because they know me. Even though I may not be back there for 3 months, they know I am trustworthy. They know I am loyal. I love that about my town.

I may not talk to someone for 10 years and I still feel close to them. I know what’s going on in their life, because more times than not people talk about it around town. Yes, sometimes this is a negative thing. But at the same time I feel like we share a bond that people outside of our town just won’t understand.

Lastly, it is home. Home sweet home. It’s a comforting feeling to people. I am eternally grateful that I am able to raise my family at home.

The saying is that home is where your heart is. And if you have left and never looked back, I completely understand. But you should also never forget where you came from. Show it respect. Where you lived and your community have shaped you into the person you are today, whether you care to admit it or not. There are so many different types of people and places in the world and to make an extremely arrogant statement insinuating that small town dwellers are simple minded and uneducated is very hurtful and insulting, regardless of who you are supporting politically. That's just wrong and contradicts the entire argument you are trying to make about candidates who make assumptions on a specific group of people.

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