October 12, 2016

3 Things :: #1 Significant Other Survival

Hi everyone! I have some news! I've decided to start a new weekly series called "3 Things" in which I will go through three things to do, to try, to have, or just whatever random awkwardness I feel needs to be discussed. I will post this series every Wednesday.

The first week's three things is 3 Things Your Significant Other Needs To Survive A Weekend Without You. Particularly of the male variety that you live with. Warning: If you get easily offended by gender stereotypes/generalizations, you should probably just skip this one. I'm not exactly a feminist.


Let's be honest, there are some days you look at your boyfriend, guy friend, husband, fun buddy and think "how the hell did they survive before I came around?" Because let's face it, men and women just don't think alike. Generally, I find women to be much more prepared for unlikely situations (probably due to chronic overthinking). And men tend to wait until the last possible second the tackle an issue, using zero problem solving skills of there own, fumble around like idiots until they are forced to ask for help.

So, planning a weekend (or even a night out) away can tend to leave you feeling a little stressed as to what type of war zone you will come home to afterwards. Add children to the mix and it's even worse. Some of you ladies might be saying, NOPE, not me! He can fend for himself. But honestly, no he can't. Because as soon as you leave, he's calling his mom to see what she cooked for dinner.

Alas, here it is. Your 3 Things....

1. Pre-cooked dinner.

Nights where I won't be home is when I either make a huge dinner the night before, or leave a menu on the counter and tell him to order out. If you ever leave him to cook his own dinner, he's either going to be starving again by 10pm because all he ate was a Hot Pocket, or your kitchen is going to be set on fire. If you are one of the lucky ones who is with a good cook, then please let me know if he has a brother who is also a foodie because I've never met these guys before.

2. A list.

If I don't write down things I need my husband to know (where something is, how much of this/that to give to the baby, if there is something I need him to do) he won't remember. I could list it all off making him stare at me while I tell him like a 5 year old, and he will still call me 50 times to ask where something was. To make things easier for both myself and him, I just leave a note. Let him know where I am and what time I'll be back. Usually, he can take care of it himself but if there is something specific I need him to do (switch a batch of laundry I already put in, clean something I need for the next day) that's when I will use this system. 

3. Beer/Football/DVR.

Want to keep everyone happy? Pre-DVR his favorite sports teams or movies before you leave. That way if he gets distracted and gets bummed that he missed the first half of the game because the baby was crabby, you can make his night when he realizes you recorded it for him in case, and their is cold beer in the fridge already. Remember, relationships go two ways!  

So as you see, men really are simple creatures. They don't need much, but they do need a helping hand. If you think he's going to look around and say "Oh man, the living room really needs to be vacuumed" then you are delusional. Your brain just doesn't operate the same as his. 

And just remember...even though he's not the sharpest tack in the box, you still love him anyway!

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