August 1, 2016

Vacation Prepping

Since I have vowed to try and relax as much as possible this week before the wedding, I began getting excited for our mini-vacation coming up to Block Island.

For those who have never been, Block Island is a literal island in Rhode Island (versus the fake island that Little Rhody itself is). It is a tiny slice of paradise that thousands get to enjoy every year. 
 Particularly, my husband and my in-laws! Every year during the first/second week of August, we take a day trip to Block Island with my in-laws to celebrate their anniversary. We usually go during the week on Tim’s days off and we spend the night over on the main land in this crappy hotel. It is pretty expensive to stay on Block Island for one night (usually between $300-500 a night depending where you stay). So normally, we will stay over in Galilee at The Lighthouse Inn which is right across the street from where the ferry sets sail for BI. We will usually stay over the night before, take the ferry over to BI in the morning, and then come back on a later ferry and spend one more night in Galilee.

So the hotel we normally stay at is not anything special. There is usually some questionable characters that stay there, there is an indoor pool, and a bar/”restaurant” that has a different name every summer. It’s not too bad of a place and it’s somewhere to lay your head (although I suggest bringing your own pillows to be safe). But still, to stay one night is somewhere between $125-150 a night! Also, I refuse to purchase anything but a bottled/canned beer from their bar because there are always fruit flies, and even then most of the time the beer is warm.

But even so, Galilee offers some awesome seafood joints and beautiful views so the hotel has never really bothered us.

This year is a special year since Tim and I are having our wedding on Saturday, which is also technically our one year anniversary. Last year, we got married the day we got home from Block Island so this year we decided to go big or go home! I rented two rooms at the drop dead gorgeous boutique hotel, Hotel Manisses. It is the absolute perfect place to rest, rejuvenate, and feel special. And it is a five minute walk to our favorite place to party on Block Island, Ballard’s Beach.

Last night, I started pulling out some must-bring items as I got super excited.


Swimsuit | Victoria’s Secret Swim (old. similar here and here.)– Ok, so after you have kids things just don’t look the same. I’ve opted for a one piece this year in order to feel a bit more confident. But it had to still be a trendy one-piece. This deep-V and low back swim suit is so comfortable and goes perfectly with…

Kimono | Victoria’s Secret Swim (old. similar here.) – I purchased this one last summer when I was pregnant in an effort to cover up a bit more so I didn’t get burned. It is so cute. It’s absolutely perfect and lightweight beach wear and looks super cute with a tank and shorts, too! I’ve gotten so many compliments on this kimono. It used to have tassels on it but my cat ripped a chunk of them out so I just pulled them all off in an effort to save this piece.

Jean Shorts | American Eagle Outfitters (old. similar here.) – These are some of my favorite summer shorts. They are beachy and super comfortable.

Pineapple Tank | Soho by NY&Co. (pineapple print not avail., but have this cool watermelon print) – This lightweight tank will be perfect to throw over my swimsuit when it’s time to grab lunch or dinner.

Pineapple iPhone Case | Sonix – Found this at Nordstrom and fell in love. The perfect summer phone case. And I have an iPhone 6 Plus, so this thin but still protective case helps cut the bulk.

Wide-brim hat | Francesca’s (similar here.) – I usually think I look funny in hats, but I was determined to try and pull it off this year.

Baseball hat | Etsy – Because, duh, I’m married.

Kindle | Amazon – For when Tim takes off on me on the beach to visit the Tiki bar with his dad.

Sandals | Blowfish – Found these at TJ Maxx and they are the most comfortable sandals ever. They will be plenty supportive if we decide to go for a bike ride on the island (although last year that was a disaster). Pretty sure I paid like $17 for them too. And I get tons of compliments.

Water Bottle | Sip by Swell – If you follow my Instagram, you know I’m obsessed with this water bottle. It keeps your water cold for a solid 24 hours! Plus, definitely important to stay hydrated on the beach.

Necklace | Francesca’s (pink not avail. loving this orange version!)– Clearly I shop here too often.

What I’m most excited for…every year Block Island hosts one of the coolest art projects ever, the Glass Float Project. A local artists places over 500 glass orbs about the size of an orange all over the island for visitors and residents to find. It’s the coolest scavenger hunt ever. There are a few select orbs that are colored, and even a gold leaf orb (which I NEED to find). No one has ever found a gold leaf orb yet, or at least has not claimed it if they have. Any that are not found stay exactly where they are placed until someone finds them. That means each year more and more orbs are waiting. Once you find an orb, which is numbered and dated with the year, you register it online and where you found it.

Every year I drag Tim all over the island in search for these orbs. Last year was the first year we found one on one of the walking trails. This year, I’m looking to add to our collection. I would love to have one from every year to display in our house.

Do you have a favorite local vacation spot that you love taking day-cations to?

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