September 20, 2016

Rent the Runway Review

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Saturday, we had a wedding to go to for Tim's cousin. It was seriously one of the most beautiful wedding's I've ever been to from the scenery to their amazing eloquent vows. The food had to be my favorite part, as always. I seriously am such a sucker for GREAT food. They decided on a nautical theme which was perfect for the couple who own a home on the beach and love all things anchor related.

So when I was deciding what to wear to the nautical themed wedding at Warwick Country Club, I immediately went to Lilly Pulitzer in my mind. The bright colors and bold prints are a go to for this type of occasion. I typically don't wear prints this bold so I needed to find something quick. 

A friend of mine told me how she used Rent the Runway for her cousin's wedding, and I had been meaning to give it a try. Went I got to the website, I was amazed by how extremely easy it was to use. Select your date frame that you need the dress by ( you can do a 4-Day or 5-Day Rental). Select your dress. I searched by Lilly Pulitzer dresses to find it, but you can also search by occasion. Select your size. Not all sizes will be available during your date frame. The first dress I selected wasn't available. Instead I chose this one.  I selected a Size 4, which I normally am in most dresses, but my pant size always fluctuates so I'll admit it made me nervous. What was even better is RTR let me select a second back up size sent for FREE! Score! The best part, this dress cost me only $30 to rent! Plus, on your first rental, they give you a coupon code for 20% off your total purchase.

RTR suggests you have it delivered 1-2 Days prior to your event in case you need to exchange. Meaning they would make sure to have another dress to you in time. That's just amazing. I got mine delivered by UPS on Thursday. The two dresses came in a sturdy garment bag, each hung individually and covered in plastic. Each plastic cover was labeled which size they were. I tried them both on and to be honest, it was close. I loved having the back up because honestly, I almost wore my back up size but instead decided to stick with the Size 4. 

The dress itself was bright and vibrant. There were visible signs of wear and aging which is typical from washing and wearing. But it was nothing major and nothing that anyone but me would be able to see. My favorite part about this dress was that I was able to wear a regular bra with it and my straps did not show. Sold! I ended up pairing the dress with gold jewelry, and my of course favorite Sam Edelman sandals, since they were nude and I knew they'd be comfortable all night.

This dress fit so well. I normally feel totally out of place at fancy and preppy events, but I felt good in this dress. I received numerous compliments on the dress and the print particularly. Plus it ended up being the perfect opportunity for us to grab a family photo with Cooper before we left for the wedding.

Returning this dress was just as simple. They included the return shipping label, which I just swapped out on the front of the garment bag, zipped it up and popped it into the UPS drop box. Since my return date was supposed to be on a Sunday, they allow you until noon on the Monday to return. Dropped it off on the way to work this morning and DONE!

I'll definitely be using RTR in the future for weddings and special occasions. I am the worst at always wanting a new dress when I got to a wedding and I never want to spend a lot. I end up buying a cheap dress that doesn't fit well and I hate and then never wear it again. I'd much prefer to spend my $30 on a designer dress that I don't even have to launder after. That's just amazing.

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