July 18, 2016

Before & After: My new obsession with spray tans

Inspiration for today's before and after came from a post I found from The Thrifty Pineapple about being a spray tan newbie. Angela battled with a splotchy fading tan from her experience unfortunately, but I've never had this experience!

I am also a spray tan newbie. I recently became a fan of spray tans a couple months ago when a friend convinced me to try it for her wedding. I was the maid of honor and after just having a baby, I desperately needed some glowing skin to make me feel more confident walking down the aisle. I had feared getting another spray tan after the orange episode I had my freshman year of college before spring break. I looked like a traffic cone. I swore off spray tan booths forever after that.

In came Glistening Goddesses, a local business doing professional spray tans. No booths! I walked in to the Johnston location to a tanning salon that made me feel uber girly. Bright pink walls, and hanging photos and quotes dressed the walls. The double 'G' crown logo made me feel like a princess.
Cassandra, the woman who did my spray tan, was FIERCE. This girl was no joke. She knew what she was doing and made you feel totally comfortable. I decided to spray tan in just undies, but really it's all based on preference. My color choice was the Level 3 Dark.

So basically you go in the room, do all sorts of weird dance moves and poses that make you feel Egyptian, and then stand in front of a fan to dry off. And like that, you're beautiful and tan. Sort of. The worst part is after. Waiting to rinse is serious uncomfortable. And it does stink a little bit. But luckily, I opted for the "Express" option where I could rinse off in 2-6 hours as opposed to the 8+ hours with the regular option. Score!

Here is my ghost skin prior to my spray tan.

And after my Level 3 tan, next day!! So pretty!

I had read all of the care tips over and over prior to going for my tan, so I was definitely able to make my tan last. I felt so pretty! And mine faded really nicely. I never saw any blotchy spots or anything.
Even my second time around for my bridal shower...

Three weeks later, back to my pasty self.

After, next day! Wooooo! Who is that babe?!


If you are nervous about getting a spray tan, don't be! If you have a bad experience, try it again! Or try another salon. It could just be the product they are using. I love it and am totally hooked. Unfortunately, I'm too cheap to do it regularly, but for $40 for an Express tan, I will totally be doing this for all my special occasions!

Thanks, Glistening Goddesses for my beautiful tans!

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