August 17, 2016

Bachelor in Paradise 3: Hilarity!


Every article I've come across today on the recap of this week's Bachelor in Paradise talks about Ashley I.'s obsession over Jared Haibon and how she can't move on.

But what I want to talk about today is the real star who is sorely under appreciated, Daniel Maguire. For those who aren't familiar with Daniel, his occupation title for Bachelor nation is "Candadian", but really he is a fitness model out of Vancouver. Many who do remember him, are reminded of his time as on JoJo Fletcher's recent season of The Bachelorette. He was the Night 1 idiot who stripped down to his underwear after drinking a little too much. He also befriended super villain, Chad and is famous for his controversial advice that Chad should stop acting like Hitler so much and maybe be more like Mussolini.

Most viewers probably see Daniel as a total idiot, but honestly he has been, hands-down, me and my husband's FAVORITE person on the Bachelor franchise. He is HILARIOUS!!! But only for the right type of humor. Daniel has a very dry sense of humor and is the king of keeping a straight face. So when last night, out of desperation to get her mind off of Jared - Ashley I. asked Daniel for her one-on-one date. And that is where it got amazing! These two are so funny together! I really wish they were a couple who had a YouTube channel.

You have to watch this below. We were in tears laughing.

Also, who else laughed when Ashley I. was edited to look like she was talking to a parrot...and she even referenced the raccoon Clare had allegedly been complaining to in former BIP seasons (unfortunately the only clip I found didn't have her mentioning it). Honestly, the Bachelor in Paradise producers are geniuses.

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