August 31, 2016

5 Things I Hate Right Now

  1. New clothes. This might sound like I'm crazy, but yes, I hate new clothes because I ALWAYS ruin them within hours of wearing them. I put on a brandy new dress for work today. Went to have my morning bagel and when I opened the butter packet, it was melted and spilled all over my dress. Grease stains...check!
  2. My Fitbit. I love the idea of a Fitbit. But it never friggen works!!! If I accidentally let the battery drain on mine, anytime I go to charge it back up and put it on, the clock is ALWAYS incorrect. Then it takes me an hour to try and Sync it up again to fix it and it STILL doesn't fix the clock. I've tried going to Fitbit customer support and they just keep making me "Forget the Device" and re-add it. Umm pretty sure your product shouldn't work like that!
  3. My hair. Ugh I hate my hair. Why can't I have Caila from BIP hair? My hair is super thick, awkwardly wavy (like not pretty locks, like bead head waves). And never cooperates with me. It also takes me 30 minutes to blow dry it, so washing it in the morning is not an option. To straighten or curl my hair will also take an additional 20-30 minutes. -_-
  4. Christmas gifts. I tried to get a head start ordering Christmas gifts for my nephew and Cooper when I saw a great deal. Problem is, I have no where to store this crap now. And it will have to stay there another 4 months! What is wrong with me?
  5. Fantasy Sports. My husband has an unhealthy need to be playing some sort of fantasy sport year round. If it isn't baseball, it's hockey. If it isn't hockey, it's football. Fantasy football drafts are going on all week. For all different leagues he's in. Where do we draw the line here? It consumes his life. Tonight is his online draft, which I swear is worse than when he goes to a draft party because he's always  ignoring me when I talk because he's engrossed in fantasy stuff. EYE ROLL SO HARD!

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