Hey! I'm Erin - a twenty-something working mother, wife and smart-ass. I love practical fashion, trying new things, using planner systems and anything aesthetically pleasing. 

Top Knots & Sweatpants is about my journey as a new mother and new wife, how I balance these new roles with working full time, and still trying to find time for my own interests. I started this blog as an outlet to share my passion for writing, style, home decor and anything that just makes you feel good. 

My goal has been and always will be to stay true to myself and be as real as I can with my content. I don't want to portray a picture of my life that is inaccurate. We are a messy, unorganized and unconventional family. Most days I forget to brush my hair. And that is the type of thing I want to share with you. To let you know that it's totally normal to sometimes feel like you just can't get it together, but still admire the beauty and fashion influencers of the world.

Here I hope you will find some laughs, some honest product reviews, and some moments where you just say to yourself, "YES! I totally get that."


I originally went to school for Fashion Merchandising, graduated with a Communications degree and ended up working in Human Resources. Proof you don't know what the hell you want to do with your life when you're 18 years old.

I am obsessed with any salted caramel/dark chocolate combo.

Recently, I began using planner systems and it's completely helped coral my life.

I hate avocados (Gasp!!)

I firmly believe that any awkward situation can be made better if you have a glass of wine or champagne in your hand.