June 9, 2017

Friday Ramblings #4

Howdy! I know I skipped last Friday's ramblings. It was just too busy of a day at work to post, unfortunately!

There is something about beautiful summer flowers that can just turn my mood right around. Unfortunately for me, I don't have a green thumb to save my life. In fact, I'm like the grim reaper of plants. My mother in law bought me a hanging petunia plant (because my husbands pet name for me is Petunia), and she ended up having to steal it back from my house this week to try and revive it because I almost killed it. Woops!

*Instagram Spammers*
Know what I hate about Instagram? The creeps who comment just to spam you. Like a couple months ago, I posted a photo of my mother in law with a link to her GoFundMe page and there was literally someone who commented something along the lines of  "Splendid! You should check out my page!" Like are you kidding? I lost it after seeing that and called him out like a total d-bag. Morale of the story, I don't "follow 4 follow" or "like 4 like". If I follow you on social media, it's because I enjoy keeping up with your story. Plain and simple. It's not going to get me a ton of followers, but the ones I do get I know will be as genuine as I am.

*DIY Home Projects*
I have a weird obsession with doing everything the cheapest and fastest way possible. And to do that, I just do it myself. This weekend (I hope) I am trying to find time to DIY contact paper my kitchen counter tops. I just think it will make them look SO different, and if it doesn't end up working out, I only wasted like $50. For me, that seems like a worthy DIY counter top hack. Of course it isn't a permanent fix, but until we are ready to remodel the kitchen, it will do. Contact paper has honestly become my saving grace for saving ugly furniture.

I seriously will never get to have a real vacation for a long time. It sucks. It's so hard to find someone to baby sit Cooper while we are gone. We wanted to go to our favorite vacation spot, Block Island, for 2 nights but unfortunately can't find a sitter so we are cancelling. Everyone keeps saying "just bring him with you"....ummmmmm, ya no. That's not a vacation to me. That's me chasing an 18 month-old boy around who is miserable from the sand and sun and doesn't have any of his toys with him. I'm good. I'll stay home instead. :)

I had this vision when I was a kid that chores ended when you became and adult. Oh contraire! The chores get worse! Especially when the only kid you have to push it off to is only a baby. We have so much crap to do around our house..gutters need to be cleaned, our grass needs to be mowed, weeds need to be pulled. Who has time for this stuff?! I need a money tree to prune so I can just hire people. Gosh, I was meant to be a rich person.

*flower photo & counter top photos are not my own. compliments of pintrest*

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