May 31, 2017

Mid-day Relaxation Tips for Work

Keep the atmosphere at your desk bright, cheery and just full of things that make you smile. My favorite item to have around is a Yankee Candle Fragrance sphere. Since I work in an office building, I can't burn a candle at my desk. This gives me a whiff of my favorite scents without a fire hazard. Also, I found this really cute rose gold holder to put it in that goes with my decor. Win-win! Another thing I love to have around are plants. For years I had a bamboo plant at my desk that just recently died. Last week I had a bad week, so my boss brought in some Gerber daisies for me and they have become my new desk buddy.

As a busy mommy, I don't have time to primp at home most days. Instead, I use my three minutes of downtime at work to do this. I always keep lotion at my desk (it's so dry in office buildings), this Evian facial spray (I wrote a review on it here), a few lip balm options and cuticle cream. This LUSH cuticle cream is my all time favorite and it smells like Pez candies.

I'm a grazer. I rarely eat big meals so I always keep goodies to snack on in my drawers. You will never find me at my desk without water and coffee. I try to keep a few healthy snack options in my drawer like granola or NuGo bars, dried cranberries, and fruit. I do sneak a couple pieces of candy for when I'm really craving something sweet. I almost always did a mid-afternoon coffee/tea run. There is something about grabbing a fresh cup that just wakes me up and re energizes me for the rest of the day.

How do you relax at work when things get stressful?


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