March 15, 2017

Bell Sleeve Beauties

The bell sleeve. This is a trend I had to get into this year! Add in some ruffles or fringe and I'll be in heaven! The top I'm wearing above I found at Zara for only $35! It also came in an ivory color that I had to go back and get. It is one of the lightest and airiest (is that a word?) tops I've ever owned. Bell sleeves just have a way of adding instant femininity to even the most casual outfit.

I'm finally back at work today after a really loooooong weekend at home. My regular daycare provided (a.k.a. my mother-in-law) is on vacation this week so I spent the last two days with my little nugget, snowed in might I add during daylight savings! UGH! As much as I love the occasional snow day, I'm really looking forward to being able to take Cooper out of the house. Being stuck in the house all the time is really starting to make Cooper and I bored to tears! I miss walking the bike path, or sitting on my porch with a coffee. Those were the days...

What about Spring are you all looking forward to?