March 10, 2017

3 Things #13: Gadgets That Are Worth the Splurge

1. Apple Watch
I've said it once, and I'll say it again. This is one FINE piece of technology, and I do still plan to write a full review of it shortly. I rely on my watch for everything now. The activity tracker reminds me when it's time to move around and get up from my desk, the calendar tells me where to go next when I'm in back to back meetings, and I never miss a message from my husband because of my busy work day. This watch is great for those who are constantly on the move and don't have time to be glued to their phone, and I'm sure it's great for teachers who may not be able to have their phones available during the day. My favorite is it has interchangeable watch faces and bands so you can always change your look depending on your mood.

2. A portable charger
If you are a heavy texter, social media user or just are glued to your phone a lot, a portable charger is a MUST. Being a blogger, I always am checking my stats, updating Instagram and Twitter, and keeping up with my favorite blogs. This is extremely draining on your battery. I always keep a portable charger on hand in case I need to juice up my iPhone.

3. Amazon Echo or Echo Dot
Okay, this is a cool one that would make an AWESOME gift for someone. I recently received an Echo Dot as a gift at work and this thing is seriously helpful. I have mine in the kitchen and whenever we are running low on something, I just ask Alexa to add it to our shopping list, which compiles right in my Echo app on my phone.  That way I never have to worry about leaving the list at home. There are so many other things you can do with it too like play music, use as your alarm clock, or if you purchase the other Amazon home attachments, you can use it to control smart home functions like the light switches, thermostats or television. Plus, if you opt for the Echo Dot, the smaller Echo version, it's only $50!!


  1. Great list! I love my portable charger. I don't know how I lived so long without it! ��


    1. It's always that item that you don't realize how much you need until you REALLY need it! Definitely life changing! :)

  2. I need all of these! I have been wanting an apple watch for a long time.
    Xo, Kelsey |

    1. I was so hesitant to get it thinking it would just be another electronic I'd mildly use, but I do find it SO helpful especially if you are a super busy person who can't remember where they need to be next.