February 27, 2017

On to the next one...

Baby fever has hit the Schabowski household! And it is strong! With all these people I know revealing their ultrasounds and bump photos, I am getting to fever hard. We are at the perfect time to start talking about our next little nugget. Cooper is a year old now, at this point would be about two when a new baby would come, and I am desperate for a little girl! So the Schabos are in the baby making business as of now.

For now, I will just savor the moments I have alone with my now toddler. This weekend was the best. I spent so much time just laughing with Coop and realizing he is getting so big! It seriously surprises me now. I see photos of him as a baby and I feel like I don’t even recognize him. He has such a big personality and can just make the most frustrating day not as bad. Those are the days I love being a mommy to someone. : )

Any tips for the second time around?

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