February 8, 2017

How to Pack for a Business Trip

Okay, I usually don't have to do this. I actually don't travel much at all for work. So when I started trying to figure out what I needed to bring for my upcoming business trip to Las Vegas, I slightly panicked and have been secretly planning my outfits for two months. My boss was very adament that we pack lightly, and preferably only a carry on. I politely let him know there is no way a carry on was going to cut it. I am a woman with many many shoes and hair products. Sorry, not sorry!
Packing for business versus pleasure is a whole other ball game. I need to make sure my clothes stay as easy to care for as possible. I decided to invest in a travel size garment steamer for my dresses that I don't feel comfortable ironing. The steamer was under $30 and then I don't have to worry about delicate fabrics with wrinkles. Since we will be in meetings for two full days, and I will be running registration on Tuesday evening, with two night events...I needed to really think of how to get the most out of my outfits. Here is my game plan for my packing list:

2 pairs of dress pants
2 dresses
2 tops
1 cardigan
1 pair of jeans
1 pair of sneakers
1 pair of neutral, close toe pumps
1 pair of neutral, comfortable flats
1 pair of heeled sandals
1 fun top (for a night out)
1 skirt
flat iron
curling iron
garment steamer

I like to have options. There is nothing worse than only bringing one option, and regretting it once it's time to wear it. My strategy for making all these options fit is rolling everything and taking advantage of every square inch of my suitcase. By rolling, I can hopefully avoid most of the fold line wrinkles, and be able to stack everything neatly. 

For those frequent travelers, please share your tips for packing and traveling efficiently!! I'm desperately seeking some better ways to pack.


  1. This seems like a good list, but I am going to push you on the only-carry on rule. You want to figure out how to make that work for work. Here is why: 1) If you are traveling with your boss, you will annoy the boss when they have to wait for your luggage. 2) If your luggage gets lost on the way it will create a NIGHTMARE for you trying to work and not having any clothes. Here are my suggestions to that end: Wear your clunkiest shoes on the plane. Skip the sneakers if you are only gone for a couple days, just bring comfy flats you can walk in. Make do with one pair of heels, and wear for the going out and the work shoes. Shoes are the killer in the bag. Get little travel bottles and only bring the product you absolutely need (I make do with hotel shampoo and just bring my styling gel stuff for short trips.) For clothes--mix and match and black will be your best friends. Jersey fabrics that do not need to be ironed at all are key here. A knit dress, sleeveless so you can wear it out and also throw a cardigan on over for hotel work days would be great. Scarves can make an outfit look like it is not a repeat. Finally, reach out to Uncle Rick. I know he is a guy, but I am not kidding you this fall he went to Asia for 2 WEEKS on a carry on. Have fun. Vegas is a great place for a work trip! If you can make the carry on work, you will earn huge points with the boss and, trust me, no one will complain if you are wearing the same dress twice. Love you! :)

    1. Thank you for the tips, Aunt Maggie! I definitely opted for a lot of dresses to cut down on the extra clothes to pack. The scarf tip is awesome though, I never thought of that! Sneakers will be a must since most of what I will be doing is running around a convention space setting things up, and we have a 40 minute layover in Atlanta so I'll need to run. :) Luckily my boss is traveling with 5 women, including myself and all laughed when I told them he asked me to bring a carry on. Lol. But thankfully me and my boss have a good enough relationship that I was able to tell him a carry on just wasn't happening. A week away from the baby means I actually have time to do my hair or make up, and I need lots of tools ;)

      I'm going to take lots of pictures I've never been to Las Vegas and we luckily will have a night to explore