February 6, 2017

Cooper Turns One

My little Superbowl baby turned ONE yesterday! We had a small birthday party for him on Saturday with family and friends. I'll tell you, for even just a small party, it is A LOT of work. I tried to cut corners wherever I could, knowing that there will be years where even bigger parties will be happening.

We decided on a Little Blue Truck theme. My intention was to grab a plain sheet cake from the grocery store the day of the party, and decorate it myself. Lesson learned, apparently the grocery stores only have pre-decorated cakes that you can just add text to, so I had to improvise on the decorations. What I was excited for was the store had little mini cakes which was perfect as a smash cake for Coop! And he loved it! I barely blew out the candle before he dug into it. 

Having a baby with a birthday so close to Christmas has made the "what to get him" answer much more difficult. After finally unpackaging all of his new toys today, I've decided there is no way we can do this every year. It's time to think of a solution now before next year sneaks up on me as fast as this one has.

I'm thinking we will either 1) keep it super small with just immediate family, 2) ask everyone to get Cooper savings bonds that we can put in a college savings account for him, or 3) ask for donations for a different local charity each year. I'm leaning heavily towards option 3. I think it would just be a really great thing to teach him that he is super fortunate to celebrate both Christmas and a birthday and have the privilege of receiving gifts. I want him to share his gifts with those who are less fortunate. 

What have you done to cut back on the endless toys kids get?

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