February 10, 2017

3 Things #12: Misconceptions About the Fifty Shades Series

In the spirit of opening day of Fifty Shades Darker, I wanted to share some misconceptions about the Fifty Shades series. Anytime I want to watch Fifty Shades of Grey, my sister or husband refuses. And no matter how many times I try to explain that it's more than a story about a sexual relationship, they both roll their eyes at me. So...here ya go!

1. Fifty Shades is a soft-core porn.

False. While yes, there are some pretty graphic sexual scenes (both in the books and movies), Fifty Shades of Grey is story about a woman who meets a man with extremely emotional and physical baggage, and she must decide if it is the right type of relationship for her as she tries to break down the walls he has put up over time. Christian Grey is a man who has been abused and grew up being taught that relationships are supposed to be a certain way, and pleasure can solely be found in pain. Anastasia fights to understand why he feels this way and be open minded.

2. Fifty Shades is not romantic and is about sexual abuse.

Absolutely false. There is no sexual abuse in this story. All of the actions between Christian and Anastasia, or Christian and any of his former girlfriends, are complete consensual and even have a contract to verify that. This is about a different type of relationship, one in which sexual pleasure can be initiated by physical pain. Not my cup of tea, but to each their own. That does not make it abuse. If Ana told him not to touch her and he did it anyway, then that would be a different story.

3. Fifty Shades is terribly written.

I think this is a matter of opinion, but I didn't find it to be poorly written at all. I thought it was easy to read and enjoyable. I've read the series multiple times and I love the way the relationship between Christian and Ana grows to something much bigger than they ever expected.

Without spoiling the books or movies for anyone, if you've been on the fence, or couldn't get past all the sexual parts of the first book I highly suggest you give it another try. As the books move on, the sexual scenes become much less important or frequent and the story becomes a mystery. 

I have to wait until I get back from Las Vegas to see it, but who else is excited?!


** All images were used from www.imdb.com pages and are not my own photos.**

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