January 9, 2017

Winter Boots

Winter Boots

1. SOREL Tofino Snow Boot ($160)

2. L.L. Bean Women's Bean Boot, Shearling Lined ($209)

3. Hunter Boots ($150) + Boot Socks ($30)

4. UGG Women's Otter Adirondack Boot II ($225)

Happy Monday! I think most of the United States is feeling the cold upon us. This weekend in Southern New England, we had a blizzard with about nine inches of snow where we are. It made me extremely thankful that I had a great pair of snow boots handy so I could brave the storm and pick up things for dinner.

I normally do something mom-related for Mondays, but what I had prepared decided to mysteriously wipe out from my computer, so in light of the recent storm, I want to go over a couple staple snow boots you should have in your closet, no matter where you live. You just never know when the winter weather will hit you, proof being how cold the South has gotten in the last couple years.

My all-time favorites have to either be Sorel boots or Hunter boots with a fleece lining inside. If you already have a pair of Hunter boots, this is probably the most functional since you can use them both as rain boots and snow boots. I still have a soft spot for Sorel boots. They are super warm and always keep my feel dry. And they look super cute with some winter gear.

What are some of your favorite winter accessories that are a must have for snowy days?