January 11, 2017

Review: FabFitFun Winter Box 2016

D.L. & Co Soy Blended Candle – Bergamot Woods

This candle is seriously pretty. It is petite and looks great on a bathroom vanity or makeup table. I’ll admit when I first smelled it, I wasn’t entirely thrilled about it. I thought it was weird. But once I actually burned it, the smell started to grow on me and now it is so refreshing. Is it really worth the $44 it says it is? Probably not. I’m good with my huge $20 Yankee Candles. But this company is literally selling it for that much. Cray.

O.R.G. Mineral Facial Peel

I can’t tell you how excited this made me. I’ve been searching for a great non-abrasive facial peel for years, since I stopped selling a product I loved and couldn’t find it anymore. This fits the bill. Simply spray it on and rub in circles on your face and you can literally feel the dead skin falling off. It’s gross, but feels super clean after. Only con to this is if you have the slightest bit of peach fuzz on your face, the dead skin gets caught in it and it’s hard to get off. Definitely needed to wash my face after using it. Since using it though, my skin is noticeably clearer and not as greasy. Win!

AndersonLilley Beach Butter Body Cream – Winter in Manhattan Beach

As you probably saw in my “January Favorites” post, this is probably my favorite item in the box this season. This is the most amazing body cream I’ve ever used. And the scent is heavenly. It’s super thick but not greasy at all. My hands feel like a baby butt. I put a little bit on my feet the other day and then slipped on some fuzzy socks after. My feet are the softest they’ve been since summer. ☺

Moleskin 2017 Weekly Notebook Diary/Planner

This is a pretty nice planner. Moleskin’s are great planners and great size. But not for me…I have way too many planners going right now and just started a bullet journal, so this one is going to be re-gifted to someone this year. I did like that there is a pocket in the back of it and stickers to mark different types of occasions.

Butter Iconoclast Mega Volume Mascara

I was pumped to get a mascara. My normal favorite just ran out and I was about to buy another. The ball end on this mascara brush is a little hard to get used to, but I do like that it makes it easy to get into the inner corner of your eye. 

Marie Mae Thank you Notes

I haven’t used these yet, but they look super cute and very high quality. I love flat thank you cards. I think they just look super chic. Can’t wait to give these a try….now if only I could send out my wedding thank you cards. Whoops!


Gorjana Silver Double Layered Necklace

I liked this necklace. It was cute and I really needed a longer silver necklace. Most of my jewelry is gold so adding this one to the mix was great. Two things I hate about layered jewelry. 1) It always twists. I wish this had like a small bar between the two strands separating them so they didn’t twist together all the time. And 2) this necklace is 100% not worth what they claim it to be. It’s pretty, but it’s really cheaply made. The clasp on mine was really stuck and I felt like I was going to break it so easily if I kept playing with it. 

Overall Vibe

As always, I loved my box. It was a great gift from my husband to have a yearly subscription, and I love that I get a fun box of goodies every season. It makes it super exciting. Hands down, I still feel like this subscription box is WELL WORTH the cost. The items you get are full size, high quality and diverse. Can’t wait for Spring to come now! ☺


  1. I love those Thank You notes, super cute!

  2. I want a fabfitfun box so bad! I love the variety of items that come in them and they are always such good products.
    Kelsey | petiteinherpearls.blogspot.com

    1. It was a great gift! I had my husband make it my Christmas gift this year to justify the cost. It's like getting a gift 4 times a year! :)

  3. This is all amazing! Super curious about that facial peel...

    Katie | WillowAndWhiteBlog.com

    1. I love facial peels. And this works really well. The best part is you don't have to let it sit. You just spray it on and rub it off.

  4. ahw nice box! with nice items, it look very nice

  5. This is such a cute box, love the look of the note cards.

    Abigail Alice x

    1. The note cards really are beautiful. I'll have to order more from them to keep on hand. :)