January 17, 2017

DIY Coffee Bar

Since we moved into our house almost two years ago, I've been working on small DIY projects just to make our house more of a home. One of my favorites was hands down my coffee bar. The one we have for now is temporary until I get a real kitchen remodel. The space in my kitchen is limited so I had to get creative. The best part is I got it done in about two hours.

What you'll need

 - Three shelf wire rack.
 - One shelf or a slab of wood. Pallets could work too!
 - Shelf liners
 - Coffee maker
 - Coffee & Tea
 - (6)Screw in eye hooks in my kichen
 - One small shelf unit
 - Matching coffee cups

So I was fortunate enough to have this old shelf already installed, and I planned to hang coffee mugs from it. All I had to do was just having to screw in the eye hooks into the shelf to hang the coffee mugs I already had. The biggest obstacle I had were these old radiators. In order to get around that, I used those wire racks where you can adjust the shelf height. I found at my local Home Depot and laid it on the very top shelf to create a steady, flat surface to add the coffee maker. I then added some faux flowers, k-cup carousel and some miscellaneous tea bags in my favorite mug for guests to use.

I am dying for suggestions on how to improve my make shift coffee bar, or what I should add to my permanent version once we are ready to remodel!





  1. I love the coffee cups hanging from the shelf! I have so many cute coffee cups and I'd love to be able to display them rather than have them hid in a cupboard!

    1. It's actually super convenient too! My cabinets are so cluttered, I love just grabbing a cup quickly near the Keurig. :)