December 28, 2016

Review: Sole Patches Comfort Pads for Feet

Let’s talk about our guiltiest and most expensive pleasure…shoes. The gorgeous arch of a brand new pair of heels that force you to channel your inner Devil Wears Prada goddess. It gives me chills just thinking of it!

I’ve had a pretty big obsession with beautiful and fun shoes since high school, probably. Many times, I end up biting off more than I can chew in the sense that the heel height is probably too high for me, they aren’t the most comfortable shoes, or even stuffing my feet into a smaller shoe because it was the last size and they are just SO PRETTY! This has unfortunately made it so I can only wear my favorite shoes for short periods of time during the day, or to a party and otherwise, have to leave them in boxes in my closet as part of the d├ęcor.

Enter Sole Patches…I’ve tried dozens and dozens of shoe comfort products and usually none of them worked enough to be worth the hassle. Then came this new product, Sole Patches, these cushy round adhesive pads that do all sorts of miracle work. They are moisture repelling, odor repelling, antimicrobial, and shock-absorbing (that’s a mouthful)! I couldn’t wait to try these with my heels at work, since most days, I barely make it to lunch in my pretty heels.

Day 1
The Shoe: Sam Edelman Ocie Pointed Toe Pumps
Size: 7

After opening the Sole Patches packaging, I pulled out two little round flower disk type foam things. They were soft and I was pretty excited to see if these would stick. The directions say to make sure your feet are clean and dry when you apply these directly to your foot, as I’d imagine moisture would make it difficult for them to stick. I decided just to add my patches to the balls of my feet, as that’s where the most pain from my shoes centers around. But it says you can use them anywhere you find discomfort. I did feel like the pads were slightly too large for my tiny feet, but they were easy to trim to fit if needed. I absolutely noticed a difference in the comfort of my shoes. They usually feel like I’m walking on wood, and today it felt a bit more bouncy. I also loved that my patches helped my feet from slipping a bit, since one of my feet is slightly smaller than the other, I usually have to size up in my shoes. 

Day 2
The Shoe: Tommy Hilfiger Peep-Toe Wedges
Size: 6 ½

Second set of Sole Patches were this time applied directly to my shoe. I decided to try cutting them and putting them on the backing of the shoe, since that’s usually wear I get the most pain with these. Since the instructions never mentioned anything about trimming the patches, I wasn’t sure how this was going to work but it was surprisingly really comfortable! It definitely cut down on the blistered I received on my heels. I also enjoyed that it gave me a little bit more of some padding in the back of the looser shoe (because I have two slightly different sized feet.)

Day 3
The Shoe: Fergalicious Punch Booties
Size: 6 ½

This was a tricky day, I decided to put the pads on the bottom of my heels for my booties, as that’s where the pressure of the shoe heel usually hits me. Since the pads are kind of big, it was hard to put a sock over these and then get into my shoe. It made things a little bit too snug for me. I could start to feel my feet hurting everywhere because of how tight it was on my foot. I then tried by putting the pads directly into the shoe. It was a little better, but I ended up taking the pad off half way through the day. 

Overall Review

I liked Sole Patches. They are really helpful to have handy for a fun night out and would help reduce stress on your foot in a pair of uncomfortable heels. I definitely found that they were much more helpful putting directly into your shoe instead of on your foot. I don’t know if they are something I could use on a daily basis, but definitely a product I plan to keep handy in my desk drawer. You never know when your feet will need a little extra love after a long day at work.


**Thank you to Sole Patches for sponsoring this post! I received products in this review free for the purposes of review. The opinions, as always, are "solely" my own. Get it.... ☺

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