November 18, 2016

The Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Outfit


It's almost that time! 
Time to put on your pants with the most forgiving waistline, and visit with relatives you barely see all year. Yippy! This year, my husband and I will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner for the first time in our home. Our normal Thanksgiving plans fell through so we were picked to suffer the consequences.

The good news about hosting Thanksgiving at your own house is you get the set the precedent for the formality of the day. Since we are only have my husband's parents and brother over and we will be a small group, I've decided to go non-traditional and keep the day super casual. I hate getting dressed up for holidays. You feel super uncomfortable, your belly is full and you just can't wait to spend the rest of your day off on the couch with a movie.

Why? Well first of all, I have a 9 month old to deal with while cooking. Finding time to make myself presentable for the day is going to be extremely difficult. And second, I lived in my in-law's home for a year before we moved. They've seen me in my pajamas more times than they can count. I don't think they are the type to get offended, and in fact, I'm sure my mother in law will appreciate it.

The number one must have item for Thanksgiving dinner no matter where you go is STRETCHY PANTS!!! I highly suggest deciding on your outfit, no matter the formality, based around a pair of leggings. This way, you don't have to embarrassingly unbutton that top button after your pumpkin pie.

I will most likely have a glass of wine in hand at all times. Since my mother in law is taking the lead on cooking this year, I know we are going to have some good laughs as she tries to teach me her Yoda Cooking Ways while the boys watch football.

Share your plans for Thanksgiving, or what you hate most about the holidays!



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