November 15, 2016

October Favorites


I love these flowers. If you want your house to have instant fall curb appeal, add some colorful mums by your door. I went late in the season to pick some up at a home improvement and they were half off! The best part about mums is the require little to no green thumb. I kill almost every plant I have. Water these every now and then and they will be good until the frost hits. It rained here on an off for like two weeks so I literally did nothing to them.

Home Depot Festive Throw Pillows

I’m sorry, but these throw pillows are the cutest for the fall! Let’s be honest, fall is the unofficial “pumpkin spice season”. The best part is each of these pillows was only $12! I mean, I'm cheap but that was easy and affordable decorating.

Bacon Cheeseburger Bombs

I found this recipe on some video that was floating around Facebook and I’m so glad I actually tried it. It’s extremely hard to follow those videos though, since they try to cram an entire cooking session in a minute or less. These are some of the yummiest guilty pleasures you could find, and would make great finger foods for a party. 

Evian Facial Spray

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again (you can read this post for the full details), this facial spray is just so refreshing! I keep it at work and spray it on my face once every morning. It wakes me up a little more, and helps keep me moisturized with all the dry air that is in my office building.

ELF lip crayon

I picked up this lip crayon from Old Navy as an impulse purchase. I’m so happy I did because it goes on so smoothly, the color is great, and it’s so easy to apply. The color is super trendy for a fall nude and looks great with every skin tone.

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