October 2, 2016

When it Rains, it Pours

This really has been quite the week. And I've never been more excited to return to work tomorrow.

  • Wednesday I realized I had a kidney stone.
  • Friday, Cooper woke up with a cold.
  • By Saturday, both Tim and I had caught Cooper's cold.
  • And pretty sure by today, I came down with the flu.

Honestly, can we catch a break? Tomorrow, I am welcoming an entire day of sitting at my desk with a cup of tea, a pillow on my back (because I'm still super achy from the kidney stone), a pair of headphones, and a big bottle of ibuprofen. I going to beg everyone not to talk to me and probably take a nap in my car during lunch. All in all, will shape up to be a pretty stellar sick Monday.

In all honesty, this weekend has really made me question whether I want to have another child. It is just so much work! And then you all get sick at the same time, and who wants to take care of a sick baby when you are sick to. It's like you both just want to hold each other and sob. And I hate seeing my poor son so stuffed up and over tired. It's heart breaking. I'm already looking forward to the years when I can sleep in if I'm not feeling good, and not have to worry about who is up with the baby.

I'll tell you, the only thing keeping me together this week/weekend has been my sister, Ariana. She moved in with us last week while she finishes college and she has been my saving grace. Helping us with Cooper, offering to watch him for a little while so I can go rest. On Thursday, I woke up from my pain med induced coma (was working on passing that stone), and Tim was napping in our room. My sister had gotten Cooper up from his nap and had already fed him lunch for us. What awful parents we are! haha. We didn't even hear him wake up. 

I'll tell you, I am very much welcoming bed time tonight. Thank you all for enduring my struggles this week. I hope to be back to writing regular and interesting content sometime this week or next. It's been rough. All aboard the struggle bus!

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