October 11, 2016

What You *Really* Need In Your Diaper Bag

During my pregnancy, I probably did the same thing a lot of first time moms-to-be do. Google everything. And I mean everything. So what I want to do here is try to post every now and then some things that I know would have been helpful for me to read back then. Because honestly, the baby books will tell you what to do. But a lot of it is unrealistic, or a list for raising coddled children.

I'm personally a big fan of decluttering your life. I hate have extra things that I'll probably never use. Which is especially why I wrote this baby registry post awhile back, too! I tried to only keep the necessities.

So here you have it. Today, I will be sharing my list of what you absolutely need in your diaper bag, and the things you can probably skip.

The Diaper Bag.

This is an item solely based on your personal preferences. I found that I liked having a backpack instead of a traditional diaper back. So when Cooper was born, we had THIS diaper bag. It had plenty of pockets and functional features to it specifically made for slaying parenthood. However, the downside is it was cheaply made which resulted in a broken zipper and a ripped side all within 3 months.

For our second diaper bag, I opted for a normal backpack. Now, the pros were it is extremely well made. I don't ever worry it will break. Plus the straps are super supportive and help a lot since I have back problems as it is. Cons though, not many compartments and pockets. Which makes it difficult to keep organized and fit everything we need. So here is how I do it...

What we bring.

Here is what I always have on hand in my diaper bag that is actually of use.
  • Diapers (I try to bring about 4-6 diapers with us wherever we go, just in case we end up being out longer than expected).

  • Wipes. I'm a big fan of buying the big bags of wipe refills and using THIS Huggies wipe case for the diaper bag. They come in tons of fun prints and always keep the wipes moist.
  • A Changing Pad. You just never know where you're going to need to change a diaper. So I always keep this in case.
  • One Change of Clothes + One Extra Shirt. Kids get dirty. All the time. Or they spit up or even have diaper blow outs. Make sure to bring a back up. You just never know.
  • Formula for Three Bottles + A Bottle of Water. Again, in case we are ever out longer than expected. I don't think I've ever had to use all three before but it is comforting to know it's there in case. I use THIS formula container which is great because they are preportioned bottles.
  • Travel Size Diaper Creme. Small, compact and handy!

  • One teething toy. Teething sucks, always great to have something on hand.
  • Baby Orajel. Again, teething sucks.

  • Two packs squeeze tube baby food. I like THESE. These are a GOD SEND if you are rushing around. It's so much easier than bringing a whole food set up, and I rarely need to use a bib on Cooper if we use these.
  • Any toys you think they may want. I like using THESE connecting rings, or THIS musical cell phone.
  • Pacifier wipes, like THESE. These are awesome if you are out and a toy or pacifier drops on the floor.

Organizing with Limited Space.

Like I said, I use a regular diaper bag which doesn't have a ton of pockets. So to keep everything organized, I rely on zipper storage bags. They are so cheap and easy and I can always find what I need.

Try to take advantage of all the pockets. On our backpack, it had pen holders in the front pouch so I use it for gas drop droppers, Oragel, or anything that will fit. Also, one of the biggest mistakes a new parent can make (and I'm totally guilty of this) is over packing the diaper bag. You don't need to bring enough formula for 8 bottles and 20 diapers if you are only running out to the store for an hour or so. Bring what you need, no more or less. You'll thank me when you aren't dumping out 4 days worth of baby things onto the grocery store counter just to find your wallet.


I hope this helps! Being a new parent is super confusing, and it doesn't help that there is so many baby items that people tell you that you will need. Stick to the basics, and grab things that will help you as you go. Otherwise you're going to end up engrossed in baby shit for the rest of your life. 

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