October 25, 2016

Home Reno: Basement Laundry Room (Inspiration)

Good morning all! I'd like to start sharing some of my home renovation projects once a month. This not only helps me keep my all my ideas in a central place, but will hopefully share some inspiration with all of you!

To give you some background, we purchased a 1920’s home last year with the intention of turning it into our dream home. We were lucky enough to snag an amazing deal on it during a short sale, and since then, it’s been nonstop projects. Unfortunately, since the baby has been born, I haven’t been able to take on as many of the bigger projects as I would have liked to. Instead, I’ve been trying to focus my attention on some of the smaller, less expensive projects. 

Lately, my attention has shifted to my laundry “room”. Currently, our laundry area is in the basement, smack dab in the middle of an exterior wall (please forgive the disaster that is my basement in the photos). We have limited flexibility with moving it, unless we are willing to hire an electrician and a plumber to move all the hook ups. I ain’t about that life. Instead, I’m trying to make due with what we have.

Good news! It’s an easy fix. Really we just need a fresh coat of paint, some durable and inexpensive flooring options, some elbow crease and creativity! My main objective is to add a space for organizing and folding. Currently, my folding situation is the sprawl out all over our bedroom. With my son, I get interrupted a lot which leaves piles all over our room at 10PM and me, not wanting to finish it…but we have nowhere to sleep if I don’t. A laundry room will at least help me contain the mess.

I really want to go will cool blue and white tones for my space. We already have this work bench that was here when we moved it. It just needs a serious scrub down, maybe a coat of paint and it could make a perfect folding station! Plus there is tons of underneath storage that I could use for laundry bins for each family member. Also, I love sticking with the rustic farmhouse theme in my house, so I really want to add some glass jars and cute signs to make it feel homey.

What are some things in your laundry room that are super helpful to have?

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