October 24, 2016

Five Blogs You Have to Start Following

I've always looked to different blogs for advice, inspiration and how-to's. I'm a chronic Googler when I need to learn something new, and most of the time, I land on a new blog page and get first hand advice on my problems. Bloggers have become such an influential force in the age of social media and I am loving it.

Today, I wanted to share five of my favorite blogs that I've found over the last few months that I immediately check out when a new post pops into my inbox.

**IMPORTANT**: None of the photos below are my own, nor do I assume credit. These have been pulled directly from each blog owner's page as way to better show you who they are and what their blog is about.

Southern Curls & Pearls

Caitlin Coving is a modern day southern belle, UNC Chapel Hill grad, sorority sister and fashion blogger. She is the girl next door, mixed with the girl you wish was your best friend. Her upbeat writing style and functional fashion sense make her an influencer that is easy to aspire to. Caitlin has thousands of followers on both her blog and Instagram account, and is frequently seen traveling with blogger friends. 


Kingdom of Sequins

Brittany Garcia is a working mom based out of Dallas, TX. This blog is one I truly look up to because it is very similar to my interests. Brittany shares her adorable style, mommy stories, and everything else going on in her life. She just reached her 1-Year Blog Anniversary, so make sure to congratulate her. What's even great about her is how genuine and sweet Brittany is. She is so great about connecting with her readers and sharing a realistic picture of life as a working mom.


How to Get Things Done in 10 Ways

Allison's blog is by far my favorite to read on a regular basis. This girl is just hilarious. Allison shares her life of a fun loving, adventurous twenty-something in a serious of "XX Ways to _____" posts. Every post is numbered and themed. Some of my favorite though, are her Wednesday posts on 5 Random Thoughts I've Had Today. The stream of consciousness will make your mid-week blues better as you laugh along with thoughts you know you've definitely had, but don't admit to say out loud. I think Allison might have one of the most relate-able blogs you'll find if you're a twenty-something trying to navigate adult life.


Petite In Her Pearls

There is something comforting to me about Kelsey's blog. It reminds me so much of my college years and Newport, Rhode Island. Her style is classic and girly and I love it. Reading Kelsey's blog takes me back to fun college weekends, and I love her beauty advice. I recently began following Kelsey, so I'm excited to keep getting to know her writing style. :)



This was a blog I just had to follow. For those who know me, I'm a big fan of the Bachelor franchise. And the Ferguson twins are two of my favorite cast members I've seen yet. They are two bubbly, ditzy, and hilarious twins and they have teamed up with one of their good friends to bring you Blondesense, a fun loving lifestyle blog. They share all the deets on their outfits from Bachelor in Paradise, yummy recipes, playlists and more. I'm intrigued to see how the blog progresses, as it's fairly new for now.

What are some good reads you can share with me? I'm always looking for new inspiration.


  1. How sweet are you!!! Love this... And all of these ladies are so inspiring! Thanks for the feature pretty lady :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for reading! Loving your photos! I'm a Rhode Island girl, born and bred. :)


  3. Oh my gosh! You are seriously the sweetest!! I saw your post and I was like, Oooh new blogs to check out! And then bam there I am! Seriously such nice things you've said! So glad to hear that you're enjoying the ride along with me! And I absolutely love your blog, so I'm glad we've crossed paths! :-)

  4. I just saw this post, thank you so much for including me I love your blog as well! I am so flattered this is amazing, and I am such a big fan of yours as well!!
    xoxo, Kelsey

    1. Thanks, Kelsey! So glad we can share stories with each other. :)