October 13, 2016

New Home & Beauty Favorites

Can we please talk about Bath & Body Works?

I just stepped in there for the first time today in at least 5 years and my have things changed!! Before today, when I thought of Bath & BodyWorks, I thought of those annoying stocking stuffers people would get for you every Christmas because they didn't know what to get you or they just wanted to be nice. I can't tell you how many body lotion/body wash sets I've collected from them over the years. So for a long time, I put a stop to visiting BBW, since I know I was doing extremely well on lotion collection.

Well, I decided to take a stroll during my lunch break over to the mall and was pleasantly surprised when I saw a candle sitting on display near the entrance of BBW. I then was sucked in by the ENTIRE WALL full of big, three-wick candles (my favorite)!! When did this happen?! I don’t remember BBW ever having candles. And the scents were just amazing!

After thoroughly smelling almost every candle, I settled on this extremely classic, year round favorite, “WhiteGardenia”. It just smells like clean, crisp fresh flowers. I can’t wait to light this in our bathroom or living room.

As I continued to file through the endless displays, I found they are still carrying my favorite line of theirs, Aromatherapy. I immediately had to pick up the Energy Orange Ginger BodyLotion. There is something about this scent that is just so comforting to me. It makes me feel like I just washed my hands in water blessed by Jesus himself. Hallelujah!

I kept browsing to see what other types of products they have. There is now an entire line of men’s care, they have expanded their C.O. Bigelow line (another one of my favorites), and I am loving all the car air fresheners.

The best part of my trip? The candle I purchased was on sale for $15.00. And my lotion, only $13.00. So when I got to the register and my total was over a certain amount, I was eligible to receive one product free up to a $14.00 price point. That means, you guessed it…my body lotion was FREE! Bringing my total to around $16 (including tax). I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better steal than this deal.

P.S. Family & Friends, you will be getting a ton of BBW products this Christmas. And you’ll actually like them.

Check out BBW’s website for tons of coupons and deals. If you haven’t visited a BBW in a long time like me, make sure you stop in the next time you’re around. You’ll be happy you did!


  1. I love the white gardenia scent it smells so good!
    Xo, Kelsey

    1. Yes! It is definitely my new favorite! :)

      xo Erin