October 31, 2016

9 Thoughts You Have On Mondays

1. Shit. I woke up four minutes before my alarm.

2. Of course. My kid would poop in his brand new diaper a minute and a half before we walk out the door.

3. This traffic...

4. Jesus, Vicky, I don't give a crap about your 96 year old grandma who was in town visiting this weekend.

5.  I. Can't. Even.

6. It's amazing how as soon as I get through all of my e-mails from the weekend, I look back to see 50 more. Doesn't anyone pick up the phone anymore?

7. I still have to cook dinner tonight. Why aren't we rich? I would love to call our personal chef to ask what we are having tonight...but then I'd just be calling myself.

8. It's really unfair that football occupies my television three nights a week. My husband better just thank his lucky stars that the Bachelor is off season right now.

9. Yes. My bed, finally. (Cue baby waking up)...

October 28, 2016

Review: FabFitFun Welcome Box Second Edition

Hooray! It's Review Day!! I've been dying to review my FabFitFun box with all of you. FabFitFun was one of those subscription boxes I've been eyeing for awhile. I couldn't figure out if it was worth it or not until I read Alison @ How to Get Things Done in 10 Ways blog post a couple weeks ago. Much like Alison, I'm easily influenced. If someone else likes something, I'm probably going to try it. 

So...let's get down to it. I'm embarrassed about the amount of excitement that I experienced when I saw it on my door step. I may or may not have acted like it was Christmas morning. I got this pretty large sized box in the mail and couldn't wait to open it and snap my infamous Instagram photo that I've seen all my favorite Bachelor rejects posting season after season. Also, I won't lie at how shocked I was at the amount of stuff in the box. I'll go through each one by one.

1. Pop Chips Ridges Cheddar & Sour Cream
This was an extra in the box, as Pop Chips sponsors the box. And it may have been one of the best items. Since trying these, I've been hunting in every store I go to for the regular sized bags. I need more of these! They are so delicious, and guilt free!

2. Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo Invisible Spray ($25.00)
I actually used this one this morning. I love that this dry shampoo doesn't make your hair feel filmy. You know that feeling? The one where it feels like you just dumped a bottle of baby powder on your scalp accidentally? Not with this product! I actually felt pretty clean. What's even better is they give a really good sized full bottle.

3. Doctor D. Schwab Flawless Skin Fluid ($39.00)
I didn't think I'd use this product, but I ended up really liking it over my moisturizer. It gives you a little bit of that fresh dewy look. It doesn't feel heavy to put on and you only need a little bit, so even with a smaller tube, it should last quite awhile.

4. OFRA Brush #11 and #20 ($45.90)
As you may be aware, I don't wear makeup very often anymore, but when I do, I like to go all out. I definitely appreciated getting some professional grade brushes. And since I've been using the same brushes for the last 7 years, I am so pumped to give these bad boys a try.

5. AHA Hand Cream with Evening Primrose ($18.00)
Okay. This one I was a little back and forth about. Pros: I love the texture of this hand cream. It's thick but still doesn't feel greasy, and it leaves your hands feeling super silky. Cons: You're going to smell like a grandmother. I honestly immediately thought of a hand cream my grandmother loves. Which is totally fine, it actually smells really good. But that was all I could think about. I may actually gift this one to her! :)

6. Summer & Rose Yoga Towel ($36.00)
Yea. I don't do yoga. Nor will I ever. I can barely climb out of bed. I was expected this towel to be this rinky dink towel that I could through in my bag for the gym maybe. This towel is HUGE! I was shocked. I actually think it will make a really good beach towel to lay on. It doesn't seem like sand will stick to this material. For now, it's hanging in my bathroom as our giant hand towel. I'm kind of digging it.

7. Jook & Nona Tag Necklace ($65.00)
This is my kind of jewelry. Simple, classy, and gold. I'm a fan of tag necklaces as it is. This necklace is extremely well made and I've already gotten a few compliments on it from strangers!

8. HISY Portable Battery Charger ($24.00)
Not pictured, but this has been super handy. The portable charger fits perfectly in any bag or your pocket and is good for one full charge on your phone. Simple plug this baby back in overnight to recharge, and you are good for any low battery emergency that comes along. Essential for any blogger babe!

Total Retail Value: $253.89

After getting my Welcome Box, I begged my husband to get me the annual subscription as part of my Christmas gift which is priced at $179.99, which gives you each box for slightly cheaper than if you do the seasonal subscription. Also, by going to the annual subscription, you have access to their "Select" feature which allows you to swap out items in your boxes before it ships. I am seriously so excited to get my Winter Box in the mail in December. Will be sure to review that one when it comes in.

If you are interested in signing up for a FabFitFun box, make sure to Google coupon codes or just type in "FabFitFun" into the search on Instagram. There are always tons of celebs that are offering $10 off codes for a box. 

Who else has had FabFitFun and what was your overall experience with it?

October 26, 2016

3 Things: #2 To Get You Through Cold Season

1. A big cozy blanket scarf 

This year’s must have accessory is super versatile. You can wear it to keep warm, cover up with it while the air conditioning blows from the vent over you in your cubicle, and even bunch it up into a pillow and stealthily take a nap underneath your desk. 

2. Tea

There is no drink that makes my throat feel better than a cozy cup of tea and honey when I’m sick. I’m not into fancy teas. Classic ole Lipton black tea for this chick and some locally farmed honey. Yummmmmm!

3. Chapstick 100% Natural Lip Butter

I’ve always been a Chapstick addict, with approximately 30 laying around in various places of my house, car and office. But this year, I was able to try Chapstick’s new 100% Natural Lip Butter and oh my goodness did it change my life. The flavors are to die for (I’ve tried Green Tea Mint, Pink Grapefruit and Sweet Papaya), and the lip butter goes on super smooth without any of that waxy feeling you normally get from regular lip balm products. And I swear it has saved my cracked lips. 




**Thanks for reading! I received Chapstick products from Influenster free for the purpose of review, but all of the opinions are my own.**

October 25, 2016

Home Reno: Basement Laundry Room (Inspiration)

Good morning all! I'd like to start sharing some of my home renovation projects once a month. This not only helps me keep my all my ideas in a central place, but will hopefully share some inspiration with all of you!

To give you some background, we purchased a 1920’s home last year with the intention of turning it into our dream home. We were lucky enough to snag an amazing deal on it during a short sale, and since then, it’s been nonstop projects. Unfortunately, since the baby has been born, I haven’t been able to take on as many of the bigger projects as I would have liked to. Instead, I’ve been trying to focus my attention on some of the smaller, less expensive projects. 

Lately, my attention has shifted to my laundry “room”. Currently, our laundry area is in the basement, smack dab in the middle of an exterior wall (please forgive the disaster that is my basement in the photos). We have limited flexibility with moving it, unless we are willing to hire an electrician and a plumber to move all the hook ups. I ain’t about that life. Instead, I’m trying to make due with what we have.

Good news! It’s an easy fix. Really we just need a fresh coat of paint, some durable and inexpensive flooring options, some elbow crease and creativity! My main objective is to add a space for organizing and folding. Currently, my folding situation is the sprawl out all over our bedroom. With my son, I get interrupted a lot which leaves piles all over our room at 10PM and me, not wanting to finish it…but we have nowhere to sleep if I don’t. A laundry room will at least help me contain the mess.

I really want to go will cool blue and white tones for my space. We already have this work bench that was here when we moved it. It just needs a serious scrub down, maybe a coat of paint and it could make a perfect folding station! Plus there is tons of underneath storage that I could use for laundry bins for each family member. Also, I love sticking with the rustic farmhouse theme in my house, so I really want to add some glass jars and cute signs to make it feel homey.

What are some things in your laundry room that are super helpful to have?

October 24, 2016

Five Blogs You Have to Start Following

I've always looked to different blogs for advice, inspiration and how-to's. I'm a chronic Googler when I need to learn something new, and most of the time, I land on a new blog page and get first hand advice on my problems. Bloggers have become such an influential force in the age of social media and I am loving it.

Today, I wanted to share five of my favorite blogs that I've found over the last few months that I immediately check out when a new post pops into my inbox.

**IMPORTANT**: None of the photos below are my own, nor do I assume credit. These have been pulled directly from each blog owner's page as way to better show you who they are and what their blog is about.

Southern Curls & Pearls

Caitlin Coving is a modern day southern belle, UNC Chapel Hill grad, sorority sister and fashion blogger. She is the girl next door, mixed with the girl you wish was your best friend. Her upbeat writing style and functional fashion sense make her an influencer that is easy to aspire to. Caitlin has thousands of followers on both her blog and Instagram account, and is frequently seen traveling with blogger friends. 


Kingdom of Sequins

Brittany Garcia is a working mom based out of Dallas, TX. This blog is one I truly look up to because it is very similar to my interests. Brittany shares her adorable style, mommy stories, and everything else going on in her life. She just reached her 1-Year Blog Anniversary, so make sure to congratulate her. What's even great about her is how genuine and sweet Brittany is. She is so great about connecting with her readers and sharing a realistic picture of life as a working mom.


How to Get Things Done in 10 Ways

Allison's blog is by far my favorite to read on a regular basis. This girl is just hilarious. Allison shares her life of a fun loving, adventurous twenty-something in a serious of "XX Ways to _____" posts. Every post is numbered and themed. Some of my favorite though, are her Wednesday posts on 5 Random Thoughts I've Had Today. The stream of consciousness will make your mid-week blues better as you laugh along with thoughts you know you've definitely had, but don't admit to say out loud. I think Allison might have one of the most relate-able blogs you'll find if you're a twenty-something trying to navigate adult life.


Petite In Her Pearls

There is something comforting to me about Kelsey's blog. It reminds me so much of my college years and Newport, Rhode Island. Her style is classic and girly and I love it. Reading Kelsey's blog takes me back to fun college weekends, and I love her beauty advice. I recently began following Kelsey, so I'm excited to keep getting to know her writing style. :)



This was a blog I just had to follow. For those who know me, I'm a big fan of the Bachelor franchise. And the Ferguson twins are two of my favorite cast members I've seen yet. They are two bubbly, ditzy, and hilarious twins and they have teamed up with one of their good friends to bring you Blondesense, a fun loving lifestyle blog. They share all the deets on their outfits from Bachelor in Paradise, yummy recipes, playlists and more. I'm intrigued to see how the blog progresses, as it's fairly new for now.

What are some good reads you can share with me? I'm always looking for new inspiration.

October 18, 2016

What to do with all your Instagram photos

Don't you ever wonder what to do with your Instagram photos after you post them? Unfortunately, Instagram doesn't give you the option to save your photos after the initial shot. You are stuck with screenshotting and cropping...Blah! Who has time for that.

Then, when I was sifting through my Exclusive Offers on Fab Fit Fun's community website that I found Chatbook, an app that takes your Instagram photos or photos off your phone to create custom photo books for you! 

Want to try it out? Use the link below to get a FREE 60-Page Chatbook, no strings attached! Let me know what you think!

October 17, 2016

Life Before & After Kids

Over the last week, me and my husband had a good laugh on how different our life is from this time last year. For one, it's definitely not as clean (I was pretty organized before). And we certainly don't get to hit the bar to watch football on Sundays unless we have a babysitter. But the one thing we noticed the most was how our thought process changed since becoming parents.

When you become a parent, it starts to feel like nothing else in the world before that point mattered. There are days I sit and look at my son and wonder what I'd do without him. But I won't lie, there are also days I think about how much simpler life was before. All in all, it was a thought that made my husband and I chuckle because you start to understand how sitcoms were made...

October 14, 2016

7 Reasons You Should Live In A Small Town

Usually on Fridays, I like to post something fashion related for my “Fashion Friday” post. But today, I’ve decided to do something a little differently.

Recently, I read a pretty hurtful Facebook post regarding the people of my town. The post was related to the current presidential race, in which this person took the time to go through their friends list, and pick out who they thought were supporting a certain presidential candidate. They then decided to make the assumption that this is probably because a majority of the people in my town are “99% white...uneducated, aka ignorant – naively lacking proper information”.  (I don't even know if those statistics are correct to be honest). Normally, this sort of thing doesn’t bother me, and quite frankly I don’t support either of our presidential candidates so I typically don’t get offended by political jabs at one another. And, I get it. Small towns aren’t everyone’s thing and people love to bitch and moan on Facebook. But this really bothered me, particularly because the person who posted it was a part of my childhood and grew up two doors down from me.

I am the first to admit I do not follow politics closely. It just bores me to death and I don't feel I am educated on the major issues enough to make a decision on a political candidate. But I know there are some people that are very educated on these issues. And are extremely passionate about the candidate they've supported. I also know many of them don't feel the need to insult those who don't agree with them. I also know a lot of people in my town who don't support the candidate this person is insinuating they do. Not to mention, this person is basing their judgement on a survey of around 20 people. In a town with a population of about 16,000.

I want to make something abundantly clear about myself and where I am from. It is one of the best towns there is. Can it be sort of stereotypical sometimes? You betchya! And it’s exactly why it is amazing. So, I’m compiling a list of 7 reasons why staying in your small town is the best decision you can make.

Small towns are pretty safe. Obviously, it depends on where you live, but for the most part my town is safe, I feel safe in it and I know I can run to the store without locking my doors because my neighbors are watching my house for me. We have each other’s backs.

Everyone is your neighbor, and they are amazing. Last year, we had new neighbors move in across the street from us. My husband only met them once and I never got the chance to meet them. But when we were stuck in the NICU with Cooper this past February, they made sure our driveway was clear of snow before their own driveway was cleared. When I finally met them for the first time last weekend, they also told me they watch our house for us at night when I’m home alone with the baby, knowing my husband is at work. I don’t even know these people and they are thinking of me. That’s a special feeling.

Your family is there. Most people try to leave and get away from their family. I honestly couldn’t bear to leave my family behind. I love having my sister living with us and my in-laws living around the corner. I love that my children are growing up with my friends’ children. That’s what family and community is all about.

You’re a regular everywhere you go. My husband and I had our first date at a local restaurant. And we love stopping in every now and then just to have a drink together. The owner knows us. The bartenders know us. The wait staff know us. They are an extension of our friends and family.

People are trusting. There have been times I couldn’t make it in time to my local mechanic to pay my bill before they closed for the weekend. And guess what they tell me…. “Don’t worry, we’ll get it next time.” That’s it! Because they know me. Even though I may not be back there for 3 months, they know I am trustworthy. They know I am loyal. I love that about my town.

I may not talk to someone for 10 years and I still feel close to them. I know what’s going on in their life, because more times than not people talk about it around town. Yes, sometimes this is a negative thing. But at the same time I feel like we share a bond that people outside of our town just won’t understand.

Lastly, it is home. Home sweet home. It’s a comforting feeling to people. I am eternally grateful that I am able to raise my family at home.

The saying is that home is where your heart is. And if you have left and never looked back, I completely understand. But you should also never forget where you came from. Show it respect. Where you lived and your community have shaped you into the person you are today, whether you care to admit it or not. There are so many different types of people and places in the world and to make an extremely arrogant statement insinuating that small town dwellers are simple minded and uneducated is very hurtful and insulting, regardless of who you are supporting politically. That's just wrong and contradicts the entire argument you are trying to make about candidates who make assumptions on a specific group of people.

October 13, 2016

New Home & Beauty Favorites

Can we please talk about Bath & Body Works?

I just stepped in there for the first time today in at least 5 years and my have things changed!! Before today, when I thought of Bath & BodyWorks, I thought of those annoying stocking stuffers people would get for you every Christmas because they didn't know what to get you or they just wanted to be nice. I can't tell you how many body lotion/body wash sets I've collected from them over the years. So for a long time, I put a stop to visiting BBW, since I know I was doing extremely well on lotion collection.

Well, I decided to take a stroll during my lunch break over to the mall and was pleasantly surprised when I saw a candle sitting on display near the entrance of BBW. I then was sucked in by the ENTIRE WALL full of big, three-wick candles (my favorite)!! When did this happen?! I don’t remember BBW ever having candles. And the scents were just amazing!

After thoroughly smelling almost every candle, I settled on this extremely classic, year round favorite, “WhiteGardenia”. It just smells like clean, crisp fresh flowers. I can’t wait to light this in our bathroom or living room.

As I continued to file through the endless displays, I found they are still carrying my favorite line of theirs, Aromatherapy. I immediately had to pick up the Energy Orange Ginger BodyLotion. There is something about this scent that is just so comforting to me. It makes me feel like I just washed my hands in water blessed by Jesus himself. Hallelujah!

I kept browsing to see what other types of products they have. There is now an entire line of men’s care, they have expanded their C.O. Bigelow line (another one of my favorites), and I am loving all the car air fresheners.

The best part of my trip? The candle I purchased was on sale for $15.00. And my lotion, only $13.00. So when I got to the register and my total was over a certain amount, I was eligible to receive one product free up to a $14.00 price point. That means, you guessed it…my body lotion was FREE! Bringing my total to around $16 (including tax). I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better steal than this deal.

P.S. Family & Friends, you will be getting a ton of BBW products this Christmas. And you’ll actually like them.

Check out BBW’s website for tons of coupons and deals. If you haven’t visited a BBW in a long time like me, make sure you stop in the next time you’re around. You’ll be happy you did!

October 12, 2016

3 Things :: #1 Significant Other Survival

Hi everyone! I have some news! I've decided to start a new weekly series called "3 Things" in which I will go through three things to do, to try, to have, or just whatever random awkwardness I feel needs to be discussed. I will post this series every Wednesday.

The first week's three things is 3 Things Your Significant Other Needs To Survive A Weekend Without You. Particularly of the male variety that you live with. Warning: If you get easily offended by gender stereotypes/generalizations, you should probably just skip this one. I'm not exactly a feminist.


Let's be honest, there are some days you look at your boyfriend, guy friend, husband, fun buddy and think "how the hell did they survive before I came around?" Because let's face it, men and women just don't think alike. Generally, I find women to be much more prepared for unlikely situations (probably due to chronic overthinking). And men tend to wait until the last possible second the tackle an issue, using zero problem solving skills of there own, fumble around like idiots until they are forced to ask for help.

So, planning a weekend (or even a night out) away can tend to leave you feeling a little stressed as to what type of war zone you will come home to afterwards. Add children to the mix and it's even worse. Some of you ladies might be saying, NOPE, not me! He can fend for himself. But honestly, no he can't. Because as soon as you leave, he's calling his mom to see what she cooked for dinner.

Alas, here it is. Your 3 Things....

1. Pre-cooked dinner.

Nights where I won't be home is when I either make a huge dinner the night before, or leave a menu on the counter and tell him to order out. If you ever leave him to cook his own dinner, he's either going to be starving again by 10pm because all he ate was a Hot Pocket, or your kitchen is going to be set on fire. If you are one of the lucky ones who is with a good cook, then please let me know if he has a brother who is also a foodie because I've never met these guys before.

2. A list.

If I don't write down things I need my husband to know (where something is, how much of this/that to give to the baby, if there is something I need him to do) he won't remember. I could list it all off making him stare at me while I tell him like a 5 year old, and he will still call me 50 times to ask where something was. To make things easier for both myself and him, I just leave a note. Let him know where I am and what time I'll be back. Usually, he can take care of it himself but if there is something specific I need him to do (switch a batch of laundry I already put in, clean something I need for the next day) that's when I will use this system. 

3. Beer/Football/DVR.

Want to keep everyone happy? Pre-DVR his favorite sports teams or movies before you leave. That way if he gets distracted and gets bummed that he missed the first half of the game because the baby was crabby, you can make his night when he realizes you recorded it for him in case, and their is cold beer in the fridge already. Remember, relationships go two ways!  

So as you see, men really are simple creatures. They don't need much, but they do need a helping hand. If you think he's going to look around and say "Oh man, the living room really needs to be vacuumed" then you are delusional. Your brain just doesn't operate the same as his. 

And just remember...even though he's not the sharpest tack in the box, you still love him anyway!

October 11, 2016

What You *Really* Need In Your Diaper Bag

During my pregnancy, I probably did the same thing a lot of first time moms-to-be do. Google everything. And I mean everything. So what I want to do here is try to post every now and then some things that I know would have been helpful for me to read back then. Because honestly, the baby books will tell you what to do. But a lot of it is unrealistic, or a list for raising coddled children.

I'm personally a big fan of decluttering your life. I hate have extra things that I'll probably never use. Which is especially why I wrote this baby registry post awhile back, too! I tried to only keep the necessities.

So here you have it. Today, I will be sharing my list of what you absolutely need in your diaper bag, and the things you can probably skip.

The Diaper Bag.

This is an item solely based on your personal preferences. I found that I liked having a backpack instead of a traditional diaper back. So when Cooper was born, we had THIS diaper bag. It had plenty of pockets and functional features to it specifically made for slaying parenthood. However, the downside is it was cheaply made which resulted in a broken zipper and a ripped side all within 3 months.

For our second diaper bag, I opted for a normal backpack. Now, the pros were it is extremely well made. I don't ever worry it will break. Plus the straps are super supportive and help a lot since I have back problems as it is. Cons though, not many compartments and pockets. Which makes it difficult to keep organized and fit everything we need. So here is how I do it...

What we bring.

Here is what I always have on hand in my diaper bag that is actually of use.
  • Diapers (I try to bring about 4-6 diapers with us wherever we go, just in case we end up being out longer than expected).

  • Wipes. I'm a big fan of buying the big bags of wipe refills and using THIS Huggies wipe case for the diaper bag. They come in tons of fun prints and always keep the wipes moist.
  • A Changing Pad. You just never know where you're going to need to change a diaper. So I always keep this in case.
  • One Change of Clothes + One Extra Shirt. Kids get dirty. All the time. Or they spit up or even have diaper blow outs. Make sure to bring a back up. You just never know.
  • Formula for Three Bottles + A Bottle of Water. Again, in case we are ever out longer than expected. I don't think I've ever had to use all three before but it is comforting to know it's there in case. I use THIS formula container which is great because they are preportioned bottles.
  • Travel Size Diaper Creme. Small, compact and handy!

  • One teething toy. Teething sucks, always great to have something on hand.
  • Baby Orajel. Again, teething sucks.

  • Two packs squeeze tube baby food. I like THESE. These are a GOD SEND if you are rushing around. It's so much easier than bringing a whole food set up, and I rarely need to use a bib on Cooper if we use these.
  • Any toys you think they may want. I like using THESE connecting rings, or THIS musical cell phone.
  • Pacifier wipes, like THESE. These are awesome if you are out and a toy or pacifier drops on the floor.

Organizing with Limited Space.

Like I said, I use a regular diaper bag which doesn't have a ton of pockets. So to keep everything organized, I rely on zipper storage bags. They are so cheap and easy and I can always find what I need.

Try to take advantage of all the pockets. On our backpack, it had pen holders in the front pouch so I use it for gas drop droppers, Oragel, or anything that will fit. Also, one of the biggest mistakes a new parent can make (and I'm totally guilty of this) is over packing the diaper bag. You don't need to bring enough formula for 8 bottles and 20 diapers if you are only running out to the store for an hour or so. Bring what you need, no more or less. You'll thank me when you aren't dumping out 4 days worth of baby things onto the grocery store counter just to find your wallet.


I hope this helps! Being a new parent is super confusing, and it doesn't help that there is so many baby items that people tell you that you will need. Stick to the basics, and grab things that will help you as you go. Otherwise you're going to end up engrossed in baby shit for the rest of your life. 

October 7, 2016

What's In My Bag?

ALDO ACCESSORIES (old, but similar HERE).

Good morning!

Yesterday, my husband had surgery on his eye and is doing extremely well! Yay! But what that meant is we spent most of our day at an outpatient center. I knew it would be a long day so decided to prepare myself by bringing a ton of goodies with me to keep occupied.

The positive side to going to stay during his surgery is my favorite Vietnamese restaurant is around the corner from the hospital. I don't normally get to go very often since it's a bit of a drive from where we live. I was so excited to pick up lunch and sit quietly to enjoy my meal (which is rare for moms)! My favorite is hands down the Vermicelli with Beef Tenderloin and Crispy Spring Rolls. It's such a refreshing and surprisingly light lunch dish. For those who have never had this dish before, I highly suggest trying it! I can be a picky eater sometimes and I can't get enough of this.

So what was in my bag of tricks for the day? Aside from bringing my trusty Sip by Swell bottle, I had with me:

Athena's Eye Mask - in case Tim's eyes were sensitive to light on the ride home, or if I decided to take a nap in a chair.

My Planner - It was actually great to catch up and make sure I had all our appointments and to-do's written down.

Some items to freshen up - My favorites are the Bobbi Brown BB Cream, and my YSL Lipshine stick.

Hand Sanitizer - Because it's a hospital, duh.

Nail Polish & Tools - I figured with so much time to kill, I'd have some time to paint my nails for once. I'm loving THIS deep red for Fall. And THIS is hands down my favorite cuticle cream.

Headphones - Gossip Girl and I had a few hours to kill on Netflix. It never gets old <3 p="">

Phone Charger - Because Gossip Girl also killed my battery.

A book - I didn't get a chance to read while I was there, but I just ordered this book, "How Mommy Got Her Groove Back" after the awesome reviews I had read. I can't wait to get through it more! 

Waiting rooms can be either extremely boring or a spot to unwind in peace and quiet.  I found this out when I was pregnant and had so many appointments. 

Do you tend to bring things with you to waiting rooms that you'll be in for awhile?

October 4, 2016

11 Thoughts You Probably Had During Your Last TARGET Run


1. Ooo! The Dollar Spot! What a great deal ($50 later...)

2. Bathing suits are out already? Must be getting ready for spring break.

3. Ok - I need paper towels, diapers, hand soap...OMG how cute is this throw pillow?!

4. Oh good. All the Halloween decor is on clearance already (a month before Halloween. so weird...)

5. Nate Berkus has another new line of picture frames out. I should pick one up to match the 23 other gold picture frames I have.

6. Why the heck do they put the condoms right next to the Pharmacy walk up. So everyone can stare at me while I ponder what kind to get? Shit, someone is coming...turn around and pretend I was looking at the prenatal vitamins instead. Quick...rub the belly.

7. New line of stationary and calendars are out! I know I shouldn't get another new calendar, but it's only $9.99 and this gold and blush colored calendar is just so different from the gold and lavender calendar I found two months ago.

8. I wish I fit in clothes in the Girls section. Their clothes are just so much cuter than mine. I want a gold puffer coat!

9. Ugh, how are these lines so long on a Wednesday at 1pm. Doesn't anybody work?!

10. Yes, I have a Target REDCard. Otherwise, I'd be broke. I'm in here three times a week.

11. I bought toilet paper, a loofah, and a bottle of nail polish. How is my total $176.44?!

October 3, 2016

Top Knots & Sweatpants: 14 Reasons Why You NEED Coffee

Top Knots & Sweatpants: 14 Reasons Why You NEED Coffee

  1. To get through morning traffic. If one more idiot in a Mercedes cuts me off and then lays on their horn as me, I might be investigated for a homicide.
2. To sit through children’s movies. I’m fortunate enough to not have to do this yet as Cooper has about a 4 minute attention span, but my nephew loves to watch the same movies over and over (the joy of being 3 years old). If we have to watch Finding Nemo or Big Hero 6 one more time, I may begin to lie and start pouring vodka in my coffee cups.

3. To answer another “Why” question. A part two to the children’s movies, my nephew also plays 500 questions with me when I visit. Where is Uncle Tim? Where is Cooper? Why is Tim at work? Why does Cooper make that noise? Why are you wearing green? Was that pimple on your chin 6 months ago when I saw you then? Seriously. Caffeine me.

4. To sit through a pointless meeting. What I’ve learned about Corporate, America is they love to have meetings for the sake of having a meeting and to feel important. I’ve literally been invited to meetings before where I had to ask if I could leave because I had nothing to contribute and the conversation had zero to do with my job. For some reason, we feel like the only way to get things done is to have a meeting and get everyone and their mother’s opinion before actually executing something.

5. To look super basic holding a cup of Starbucks with your top knot and shades on. If you have a cup of coffee and a top knot, you can make the grundgiest sweats look chic.

6. To get you through the home stretch of your work day. I usually always go out around 2/3pm for an afternoon pick me up. And it just makes the day more bearable.

7. To listen to your husband’s shitty jokes. If we have to get up really early and Tim is super tired but knows he has to stay awake, he will NOT shut up because it keeps him alert. Unfortunately for me, my ears pay the price.

8. To catch that one show you are glued to but comes on way past your bedtime. And even though we have DVR, there is something more exciting about catching it on live TV.

9. To survive the mornings your kid decides 4am is when they are starting their day today. My poor Keurig is about to shit the bed from using it so much on these days.

10. To drink alongside your water at breakfast with your girlfriends and children. Because moms don’t brunch, we breakfast.

11. To take fancy Instagram photos of the leaf shaped foam on your latte. And to hashtag “#caffeineaddict #coffeelover #sotired #eyeroll”

12. To hold in your free hand so you don’t have to awkwardly shake someone’s sweaty palm.

13. To take photos of yourself while you watch the DIY Network on a Sunday. Guilty!

14. To enjoy the spring and fall weather on your front porch in a cozy sweater. My favorite part of the season!

October 2, 2016

When it Rains, it Pours

This really has been quite the week. And I've never been more excited to return to work tomorrow.

  • Wednesday I realized I had a kidney stone.
  • Friday, Cooper woke up with a cold.
  • By Saturday, both Tim and I had caught Cooper's cold.
  • And pretty sure by today, I came down with the flu.

Honestly, can we catch a break? Tomorrow, I am welcoming an entire day of sitting at my desk with a cup of tea, a pillow on my back (because I'm still super achy from the kidney stone), a pair of headphones, and a big bottle of ibuprofen. I going to beg everyone not to talk to me and probably take a nap in my car during lunch. All in all, will shape up to be a pretty stellar sick Monday.

In all honesty, this weekend has really made me question whether I want to have another child. It is just so much work! And then you all get sick at the same time, and who wants to take care of a sick baby when you are sick to. It's like you both just want to hold each other and sob. And I hate seeing my poor son so stuffed up and over tired. It's heart breaking. I'm already looking forward to the years when I can sleep in if I'm not feeling good, and not have to worry about who is up with the baby.

I'll tell you, the only thing keeping me together this week/weekend has been my sister, Ariana. She moved in with us last week while she finishes college and she has been my saving grace. Helping us with Cooper, offering to watch him for a little while so I can go rest. On Thursday, I woke up from my pain med induced coma (was working on passing that stone), and Tim was napping in our room. My sister had gotten Cooper up from his nap and had already fed him lunch for us. What awful parents we are! haha. We didn't even hear him wake up. 

I'll tell you, I am very much welcoming bed time tonight. Thank you all for enduring my struggles this week. I hope to be back to writing regular and interesting content sometime this week or next. It's been rough. All aboard the struggle bus!