September 14, 2016

Jessie James Decker - Your Next Role Model

There are so many reasons why I and many others find Jessie James Decker to be so appealing. She’s the total package! Beautiful, talented, down to Earth, great hair (this is important.)

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Jessie started her career with little to no fan base. I’ve always been a big fan of hers. When I saw that E! was making a reality show about her and her then fiancé, football player Eric Decker, I was hooked immediately. This is where I really fell in love with how much of a role model she is to young women and girls. I’ve never seen a celeb who is so laid back, and not afraid to be herself. Jessie isn’t the type of person to wake up with a full face of makeup for the camera. Just check her Instagram account! She has no qualms about posting really intimate and raw photos from her real life. She stands up for what she believe in, and tells it like it is. Just read my post on mom-body image to see for yourself. She is goofy, a great daughter and sister, and has turned into an adoring wife and mother. She’s learned to stay true to who she is.   She has persevered and never given up on her dreams. JJD has been rejected from most of the major labels in Nashville, however that never stopped her from persuing her love of music. In 2009, Mercury Records signed Jessie and her music career was born as a feisty pop star. Jessie struggled to find a fan base that could relate to her uber sexualized image (think the scene of Megan Fox fixing the car in Transformers type).

She wanted to be a role model, and not this person her label convinced her to act like. In 2014, Jessie released an EP on iTunes and it hit number one on the iTunes top albums chart and debuts in the top five  on Billboard’s top country albums and tours for her latest album, Lights Down Low.

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On top of her musical career, she also has collaborated with a few designers for clothing lines including her Amore & Sorvete bathing suit/bandana line in 2015, and now her own line “Kittenish” by Kora Rae.  She is also known for her YouTube beauty channel and her partnership with fave4 hair products…which are amazing by the way.

All the while, Jesse is a devoted wife and mother to her husband and two beautiful children. I mean, how cute are those children! And I'm totally not surprised... Have you seen their parents?! She is a faithful football wife, attending almost all of Eric’s games.

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I’m completely aware this post sounds like an homage to JJD and like I have a creepy girl crush on her. And I totally do. Like, pretty sure she is my “hall pass”! Haha! I think what really makes her so appealing to me as a person is she is my age and watching her go through similar changes that I am right now (aside from touring for my musical career and my husband being in the NFL - although if you asked my husband he'd say he could be....ya, okay), I can relate to her so much. But what I admire most is how she isn’t the type to compromise her morals and values in order to become famous (cough, Kardashian Klan, cough). She is just herself through and through.

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What are your opinions on Jessie? Or who else do you find to be a super underrated role model.

credit some of the info from her recent Rolling Stones article here.

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