September 16, 2016

Stitch Fix Review #3: Why I Won't Get Another Stitch Fix

I've been trying really hard to love Stitch Fix. And the concept of it, I am totally sold on! I've received a few pieces that are perfect and I'm so happy to have (particularly two pairs of jeans that just fit amazingly)! But the more boxes I receive, the more I realize that the price point and quality of the garments just aren't matching my personal expectations.

I again opened my Stitch Fix to an always-loved note from my stylist, Kristin. Included are always 5 cards on how to style each piece. The theory behind Kristin's picks were right on point. All of the pieces pretty much suited my lifestyle and were what I was looking for. But that was about the extend of it.

Item #1: Market & Spruce Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Top in Black

This fit of this top was good. It was slightly loose, which is usually the way I like my tees to fit (much more forgiving). The tee was comfortable also. I did feel it was a bit thin. I could see it snagging on my rings very easily. Also, I didn't feel the hi-lo hem line was necessary. It was so tight around my hips, you couldn't tell it was a hi-lo hem anyway. I liked the tee enough, but for a $44.00 price tag, I thought this was insanely over priced. It was a t-shirt. Simple as that. RETURN.

Item #2: Market & Spruce Lawford Knit Top

This was more my style. I loved the faux leather trim that was on the split neck, although it did make it sit a bit awkwardly, but I think with time, that would become more relaxed. The stripes were perfectly spaced so the top didn't look too busy. The sleeve detail was also a great change from a typical tee. It was a much more comfortable fabric than the black tee I received. Thin, soft, and functional. This would make a great work and casual top with a pair of dress pants or jeans. However again, I didn't feel the price tag on this one was worth the quality ringing in at a whopping $58.00!!! I could not justify spending this on a t-shirt, even with it being my birthday. RETURN.

Item #3: Evolution by Cyrus Ladera Open Cardigan

I was so excited my stylist listened to my request and need for good staple cardigans for fall. Again just felt the quality of this piece was not up to par. Was it comfortable? Sure was! But it was super thin and it didn't fit me well, a bit large in the sleeves and length. Probably could have gotten away with it with a little bit of tailoring. The style of it was exactly what I wanted. But to be honest, I kept thinking back to my BP. cardigan that was the exact same style as this one, much thicker and warmer, better fabric, and CHEAPER. This cardigan was tagged at $68.00 when I only paid around $32 for my BP. version. RETURN.

Item #4: Hailey 23 Clea Pencil Skirt

I will say this...this photo makes the print of this skirt look like stripes, but it was a much more detailed pattern. But I can't tell you how much I hated this skirt. It made my hips look even larger than they were. The print was just awful. And the colors were...ugly. I think the only thing I liked about this skirt was the length, and how soft the fabric was. And the idea of a printed pencil skirt. But this skirt was so thin (think cheap jersey knit), I could never wear it in public. You'd be able to see every single lump and I'm pretty sure in the right light you could probably see through it. I couldn't believe this skirt was $48.00! I have gotten better quality skirts for under $20 at H&M or Forever 21. RETURN RETURN RETURN.

Item #5: Pistola Caterina Frayed Hem Ankle Zip Skinny Jean

Ahh! Jeans! I've always had luck with jeans in my Stitch Fix. And these were super cute. I loved the zippers at the bottom, and the frayed hem. I already had a pair of frayed hem olive jeans, but if I liked these enough, I probably would have kept them. The quality felt pretty good, so couldn't complain too much there. Go to slide these bad boys on...MISERY! I couldn't even get them over my hips. And it was a struggle to get them on my thighs. And they were supposedly my size. Now I know it's not that I've gained weight in the last month because I wore my last pair of Stitch Fix jeans the same day and they fit fine. These jeans had to be mislabeled in size. There was just NO WAY. Sigh. RETURN.

Why I Won't Get Another Stitch Fix

While the idea of clothing subscription boxes is amazing, I've realized a couple things about my personal shopping habits from getting Stitch Fix.

1. I know how to bargain hunt. I know where to find good deals and know what's worth the cost for the quality. Most of these clothes felt like things I could have picked out of the juniors section at TJ Maxx or Marshall's and I promise you I would have paid a quarter of the cost for them. The quality and price tags just didn't match whatsoever. And I kind of figured there'd be some of that right? I mean they have to make their money somehow. I am just not willing to sell my soul for that.

2. I have more of a sense of style than I give myself credit for. I found some of the stylist tips to feel like common sense to me. I just didn't find pairing a solid colored top with a printed skirt and a blazer to be revolutionary. And maybe that would have changed based on my preferences in my Style Profile (I think I put myself somewhere in the middle on how adventurous I'd be).

I think it's time Stitch Fix and I part ways for a bit. Not only because I need to reevaluate what I'm looking for in a clothing subscription service, but if I purchase any more clothes anytime soon, I'm pretty sure Tim is going to have to sell a kidney. :)

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