June 9, 2016

Netflix & Amazon Instant Video Binge : Girly Cult Classics

I’m a huge Netflix fan. The selection of movies and TV shows seem to surpass all imitators. Amazon Instant Video is a close second for me, but mostly just because most of the content is free with your Amazon Prime membership. Both have a vast selection of new releases and old classics (and by old I am referring to late '90s/early '00s. Sorry, I'm a baby!!!). Netflix has also been increasing its original production content ever since the Orange is the New Black success. But for some reason I tend to stick to the same type of movies and TV shows that are familiar and comforting. Sometimes, rewatching a TV series tells me a different story each time. You begin to pick up on things you didn’t notice before. That - and when you have anxiety like I do, watching something you've already seen helps you relax. I’m a stereotypical girl with movies and TV. I like romcoms, girly comedies, feel good movies. I love TV shows that my husband wouldn’t be caught dead watching (mostly because he is an avid question-asker when we watch TV, and I HATE IT!) Here are a couple of my absolute favorites that I’ve literally watched over and over without complaint (in order of fabulousness). CAUTION – There may be some SPOILERS below!

Pretty Little Liars (Netflix, 6 seasons - still airing new episodes on Freeform)
The infamous quad squad of ladies desperately trying to seek out their stalker, “A”. My best friend, sister and I have been watching this show together since the beginning. This show has so many plot twists and turns that you almost have to watch each episode more than once. Every now and again, I will go back and start from the beginning. What I find when I rewatch this show, unfortunately, is all of the inconsistencies. I think the show’s writers bank on the fact that there is always something crazy going on in PLL and you probably won’t remember if something doesn't seem to match up with a plot line that happened a season or two ago. Regardless, it is entertaining and fun to be on this mystery ride. After the disappointing “A” reveal of Season 6, we are all pretty over the show at this point, but feel like we should see it through to the end.

The Royals (Amazon Instant Video, 2 seasons - still airing new episodes on E!)
This show is brand spankin’ new with only two short seasons so far. OBSESSED. The Royals depicts the fictional royal family of England. The show circles around twin siblings Princess Eleanor and Prince Liam, following their rowdy, scandalous lives as they try to solve a murder and find out who may be after their family. They deal with the realization that the people of England may want to disband the monarchy for good. Best plot line – Princess Eleanor’s secret relationship with her drop-dead gorgeous bodyguard, Jasper Frost, a con artist from Las Vegas posing as a loyal citizen from Shortage, England.

Hart of Dixie (Netflix, 4 seasons – cancelled CW Network)
This show was a sweet favorite of mine. I’m actually really bummed it was cancelled last year . It wasn’t super popular, but for those who had seen it, it was an instant favorite. Rachel Bilson stars as Zoe Hart, a New York City doctor fresh out of medical school who moves to the pseudo-town of Bluebell, Alabama to take over her estranged father’s private medical practice. The stereotypical small town of Bluebell is sweet, quaint and close like family. It is a town stuck in another time, but warms the heart of anyone watching. The show itself is honestly, a little bit cheesy. The acting isn’t great either. But for some reason I just can’t get enough of the Zoe Hart love triangle of golden boy lawyer, George Tucker and the redneck bartender, Wade Kinsella. Personally, I’m Team Zade…love me them bad boys! Times watched: 3

One Tree Hill (Netflix, 9 seasons – cancelled CW Network)
I started watching One Tree Hill last year on Netflix after seeing it in the “Because you watched…” section. I heard it had a large fan base, so I figured I’d give it a try. This show is one of my favorites. It covers everything you could ever want it to – family issues, teen pregnancy, murders, careers and of course, love. The series is really a coming of age tale about two half-brothers, Nathan & Lucas Scott, and their mutual hate for each other after their father abandons one of them growing up for a cookie cutter life with his new wife. The two were forced to grow up in school together, and co-exist on the Tree Hill Ravens basketball team. The growth of each of the characters throughout this series is amazing. You truly feel like you are growing with them. While this show is not constant scandal and action, it still has the occasional, “oh no she didn’t” moments. I’ve never seen a family have as many traumatizing things happen to them as the Scott family. This is one of those series you will end feeling like you truly knew the characters and were a part of their family. I was really sad when it ended. I’ve already watched the full series twice – the second time I had to make my husband watch it because it was so good! You’ll like this if you like Gossip Girl and Friday Night Lights.

Gossip Girl (Netflix, 6 seasons – cancelled CW Network)
GG is my all-time favorite show. The show is dripping with style, sex, scandal and Chuck Bass (swoon!). For those who don’t know, the show follows the lives of four over-privileged Upper East Side teenagers and Dan Humphrey, the outsider from Brooklyn who attends their private school on the Upper East Side. The group is constantly under a microscope by a popular blogger referred to as Gossip Girl. GG divulges all of the group’s deepest and darkest secrets at the most appropriate of times. I honestly don’t even know where to begin with how great this show is. All I can say is Blair Waldorf a.k.a. Queen B is a fashion goddess. The character is stylish, sarcastic and fierce. No one crosses Queen B! And while Blair is the spoiled brat to fashion designer, Eleanor Waldorf, the character is really vulnerable and insecure in who she will become one day. I’ve literally watched Gossip Girl three full times already, currently on my fourth time around. It just makes me feel so good to watch it. The clothes and the #lifegoals that are Blair Waldorf. Chuck & Blair forever. <3GG

What are some of your favorite shows or movies that you can’t seem to stop watching over and over?

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