June 24, 2016

Home Renos: Before Part 1

So just over a year ago, my husband and I scored a huge deal on our first home. It was an older bugalow house, two bedrooms, one bath and a huge partially finished attic. Score right? Well...we've come to find that owning a home is a LOT of work and a ton of money. My first thought when we moved in was that the house hadn't been taken care of. The previous owners were just careless and didn't give the house the TLC it deserved. We were fortunate enough to find a short sale home with beautiful hardwood floors (or at least in most of the house) and a kitchen with serious potential.

I grew up in a house that had very little clutter. And being raised that way, I've become the same. I need the most simplistic spaces with as little clutter as possible. However, realistically that's not my life. Our house is a MESS! There...I said it. You will not be seeing beautiful HGTV Fixer Upper reno pics. You are about to see our honest home. The one that most people won't show guests. But I want to share it with you. Our home has so much character and deserves a huge face lift. We intend to make it our first and forever home, but it's a long journey. Here is our plan for attack.

the walls.
This house was a serious snooze when we moved in. Everything was a solid colored off white (but slightly yellowed from discoloration) wall. It was sad and looked dirty. The first thing we did before even moving in was paint...EVERYTHING WE COULD!

the living room.
what we did - So far, I spruced up the living room by adding lighter colored furniture and curtains, painted all the walls a light beachy blue, through a printed area run down, and best of all...we got all new windows!!

the windows.
This was the worst part. So, we knew eventually we'd have to replace all of our windows when we moved in They were all the old lead glass, two had beautiful stained glass pieces however you could barely open them because of it. A lot of the sashes on the windows were broken and we knew we'd be blowing through heat with them in the cold New England winters. It wasn't until the day I came home to find our kitten hanging by his hind leg from a window that a sash broke while he was sitting on the window sill that forced me to get new windows sooner than later. We had a baby coming in the next year and there was no way I would have this happen to any more pets, or worse our child! Needless to say, we are SO happy we did! Replacing all of our windows has updated our entire house. Everything looks so much brighter and cleaner. here is a before of the old windows.


Which brings me to...  
the door.
I can't even begin to tell you how frustrating our front door was. This is by far one of my happiest upgrades so far. When we moved in, we had this beautiful solid wood front door. The only problem is our house key was a skeleton key and it only locked from the inside. Ugh! Tim and I thought we could quick fix it and just purchase a new door knob. Turns out in the 1920's, the space that door knobs were installed in was much larger so a standard knob would not fit. Besides this, we constantly had to slam the door shut in order to make sure it closed, otherwise a breeze would blow it right open. We caved, hired a contractor (who did our windows as well) and now have a beautiful front door! Now to decide what color to paint it!

the bedroom floors.
Lastly (for now), our bedroom flooring. So, while we had beautiful hardwoods in the living and dining room, the two bedrooms were never refinished. Ugh! When I was 6 months pregnant, refinishing the floors just wasn't in the budget financially and I didn't have the time. I always preferred carpeting in bedrooms anyway. It was cozier and made it feel homey. But again, the cost to install a carpet was not what I was looking for. I had to do something for the nursery before the baby came. I decided to purchase adhesive carpetting squared from Home Depot and install it myself (6 months preggers, might I add!) This was by far the most valuable and easiest thing I've ever done. It took me an hour and a half to carpet Cooper's entire nursery! And there are no lines!!! You can't even tell they are tiles. Here is Cooper's room finished, and a side by side of the wood floors and carpeted floor.

What are some easy reno ideas you've done in you home to upgrade things?

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