September 9, 2016

6 Things You’ll Miss After Becoming A Mom

Wearing most jewelry. I only get to wear jewelry when I am at work, or without Cooper because he just yanks on everything. Most of the time it’s a pain to remember to take it off as soon as I pick him up, so I end up not wearing any at all. Necklaces, he pulls. Rings – Bracelets - Watches, they scratch him. Earrings, why bother at that point?

Wearing your hair down. Ugh! I never liked wearing my hair up. Only if I was working on something and needed it out of the way. Now, I don’t really have the option. If I wear it down, Cooper WILL pull it and rip it right off my head. I totally understand why the “mom haircut” is a thing now.

Using pretty handbags. Having a diaper bags stinks. We opted to use a backpack, because I just couldn’t see making Tim carry around a pretty diaper bag that looked like a purse. And honestly, the backpack is super functional. However, I’ve always been a handbag junkie. I REALLY miss using a cute back. I’ve tried carrying cross-body handbag, but between my work tote and Cooper’s backpack, carrying another purse just feels too bulky.

Impractical Footwear. Shoes are also a vice of mine. Before pregnancy, I loved throwing on a cute pair of wedges even just to go to a dive bar. I just felt so much more confident in them since I’m super petite and usually feel like a child at a bar. Now, my pretty shoes stay in my desk drawer at work, reserved only for work or weddings. If I ever tried to wear heels coming down my front steps holding a baby carrier, I’d break my ankles.

Using the ladies room without an audience. Since I’m usually home alone most of the night and weekends, finding a quiet moment to go use the bathroom is RARE. Usually I have to bring Cooper into the bathroom, and then our two cats follow right behind him. One stares at me on the sink counter, the other on the ledge of the bath tub. That’s three sets of eyes staring while you do your business. Yay for me…

Eating dinner at a reasonable hour. I usually don’t even get to start cooking dinner until about 8pm. There is just honestly no time. I get home by 6:30pm, Cooper has dinner, a bath and he’s ready for bed. That’s it. And then when it’s time to finally sit down to eat something around 8:30-9, my son’s spidey-senses go off and he wakes up…because that’s what babies do when Mom is ready to eat. I swear he smells the food and just instantly wakes. 

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