August 24, 2016

#TheNewSchabos2016 : Our Wedding Album

I would tell you that my wedding day was the greatest day of my life, but that simply wouldn’t be true. After giving birth to my son, there is just nothing that compares to that type of joy. However, I will tell you all about how great of a time we had! I am so thankful we downsized our wedding and opted for a big, fun party. And the amount of money we saved was impressive.  I just got our wedding photos back from the amazing Corinne Mattera of CCM Productions. Corinne is a friend of mine (as well as a wonderful wedding guest) who I asked to capture our big day for us. CCM is her side business, and I’m so glad it is because her photos are SO good! You can check her website out HERE, and follow her on Instagram HERE.   

The ceremony.

I love how fun and colorful our ceremony was. I’m quite aware of how tacky my fiesta theme was, and that is the whole point. Weddings are taken so seriously (and with good reason). I really wanted ours just to be a good time.
I was fortunate enough for one of our friends to capture almost our entire ceremony on video. That was a really nice surprise when he sent it to us. Since we were already married, we ended up having one of Tim’s best friends perform our ceremony. This was something he’s never done before, so I think he was a little nervous. I basically printed a script I found on the internet and said “here, read this.” He absolutely KILLED IT! Not only did he improvise a little and make it his own, which was hilarious, but he memorized the entire thing! Professional officiants don’t even do that! It was so special and such a great thing for us to share. I highly recommend having someone that you know marry you. It makes the day that much more special. You can watch my ceremony HERE if you’re interested. Sorry for the poor video quality!

     I walked down the aisle to “Mary’s Song” by Taylor Swift. I had always imagined myself walking to this song, so being able to finally do it was awesome. I have to say though, the dramatic moment of me walking down the aisle is a total blur to me because of how nervous I was. I don’t like being put on the spot and hate being the center of attention, so I don’t even remember this moment much.
The first dance and speeches.

I really wanted to hold out in my bridal gown until after our first dance, but it was just WAY too hot out. I ended up changing into my Stone Cold Fox Love Jumper after our photos since we had about a 20 minute rain delay before we could continue onto the intros. We did our entrance to “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake which was so fun. My bridal party was such a good time and even dressed up in the sombreros and ponchos I had brought.
We did our first dance to “It All Started With A Beer” by Frankie Ballard which was just so perfect for Tim and I. After our dance, we went immediately into speeches so we could get all the formal stuff done and get the food going.

My maid of honor’s speech was amazing! I’m working to get a copy of both of their speeches and I’ll add it in here once I do. I did my best not to cry but obviously failed miserably. Our best man, Tim’s brother wasn’t big on speeches, so Tim had his best friend do the speech instead. He was awesome. Absolutely hilarious. Honestly, we couldn’t have asked for two better speeches. I’m planning to frame them both once they send me a soft copy and put them in our wedding album once we get it. 

The party.

It worked out exactly how I hoped it would. The DJ played some jams and a small group of us let loose on the dance floor, some people hung out in the bar to catch the Red Sox game that was on, another group played corn hole and horse shoes over on the lawn. It was relaxing, fun and I’d like to think everyone pretty much enjoyed themselves.
I swear, I barely saw Tim the entire night. Hosting a wedding is HARD. You seriously just don’t have time to really spend with every one of your guests, which kind of stinks.  

Lessons learned.

I had a really good time, and I’m super happy that we downsized the wedding. If I had to do it again, I think I’d definitely hire a wedding coordinator/planner. It was really hard balancing everything I needed to do for the wedding, work and the baby. I thought I was going to have no hair by my wedding day. I probably should have gone to get my hair curled by a professional. I figured since I was just leaving it down and curling it, that I’d just do it myself but it didn’t really stay put. Luckily, the rain pretty much ruined it anyway so I didn’t miss out on much. I probably wouldn’t do open bar again. I think this depends on the crowd. Our friends are big drinkers and I think a select few took advantage of that a little bit and got a little too intoxicated. I am not their mothers, so it’s not for me to say how many someone should have but we did have a couple people get cut off by the bartender which is totally embarrassing and I’m still a little upset about. The most important lesson I learned was I really need to chill out. When it started pouring and the appetizers weren’t where I wanted them to be to direct traffic, and we had to put off our intros and first dance… I panicked. I had a total bridezilla moment for about three minutes before I just said screw it and grabbed a drink. No one even really noticed anything was wrong.

Thank you to everyone who made our wedding the amazing day that it was. I’m honestly the luckiest girl there is.

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